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Crystal formation around Stoma

12 years 8 months ago #8108 by Melodie
Although I put this in my recovery update, thought I should mention it here as well. In regard to my crystal deposits or whatever they were...I did drop off a sample of them at the UW Medical Center, but as of yet haven't heard anything back about what I should do to treat this problem, except to irrigate more often...well, I did plenty of irrigating and that didn't seem to really make any difference.

Last week, a visiting nurse got in touch with a ostomy nurse and she suggested I take cranberry extract capsules (500 mg) twice daily and vitamin C, 500 mg. four times a day. She said all who stay on this regiment seldom have an infection. I began taking cranberry and C as she suggested, as of last Thursday, and so far, have not seen any crystals. Of course it has only been four days, but I think this is really helping. I think there is much better flow. Those little rascals were really bad about getting stuck in the eye of the catheter and plugging so badly, the urine couldn't get through and so I wasn't getting the bladder completely empty. This may be one of the reasons I have had problems with leaking. Anyway, thought I would mention this in case anyone else is struggling with this same problem. I will report back on this subject in another week or two... Melodie

Melodie, Indy Pouch, U.W.Medical Center, Seattle, Dr. Paul H. Lange & Jonathan L. Wright

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12 years 9 months ago #7836 by Patricia
Thanks Joe .. that was a good one. It seems to me that its happening pretty quickly with Melodie...not even a month out. Maybe one of the problems is she's been having trouble getting her sterile injectable saline solution from the supplier. Really in the beginning I had to irrigate at least every other time as i had tons of mucus..i always ordered the small bottles as you really shouldn't keep it out longer than 48 hrs at most or so it says. I found that my skin was allergic to the soaps...any i just wash the stoma with plain water and have had no problems. I still react even to non-latex glad i don't have an external pouch or i'd be in real trouble. I find it a bit puzzleing that a big center like U. of Washington is not addressing her problem...i know her surgeon is on vacation but thats a bad excuse. I'll call her today and see if the cranberry juice is helping and more irrigation but i will read her that article. Its to bad she does not have access to the internet right now. Sometimes it seems we solve more problems than the people that are supposed to do it!
And you're right...Mr Pouch is sometimes very cranky...he's not sure if he likes his new role or nicely to him and assure him he's very special and he'll come around eventually :D Pat

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12 years 9 months ago #7834 by clur
Was told this may be a problem and if it happened to drink more water and to let my stoma nurse know.It hasnt been a problem but I am religious about making sure I drink 2 litres of water a day and always have a glass of cranberry juice at breakfast.
Claire x

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12 years 9 months ago #7832 by Mike
I found this link and if you read under Discussion last paragraph makes alot of sense about stones (crystals ) etc. you have to read. I'm like 10 weeks post op so I'm a rookie but I seem to have to irrigate more as I still get alot of mucous. Just what I do try to keep that pouch clean and also clean stoma with anti bacteria soap on stoma just dab it b4 inserting catheter. Also seems to me these Indiana Pouchs can be moody at times lol. Joe ;);year=2002;volume=12;issue=1;spage=87;epage=88;aulast=Kumar

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12 years 9 months ago #7830 by Patricia kink....Melodie says the crystals are in her Indiana Pouch ..that they get stuck in her tube and that they are not present around her stoma......ok thats a new one for me...I'm guessing thats the same thing? But its playing havok with her being able to cath as they block the eyes. Her doctor still isn't back from vacation and noones been able to answer her questions adequately. Its always something...............Pat

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12 years 9 months ago #7771 by Patricia
Thanks Joe...but that is for an outside pouch..the ileal....and i'm not sure and i could be wrong...that they know for sure what the proper PH for people with neo's and Indiana's are? (I remember a really crazy reading on one of my urinalysis due to all the mucus and whatever else is in there!!) I know she's drinking lots of water and taking C supplements but lord only knows with half of our colon gone what we absorb??? It was interesting about the cranberry, plum or prune juice tho...and not other juices.
Its too bad her stoma nurses were no help at all. Next time you email one of yours maybe ask about the balance in the Indiana of acid vs. alkalyne.
Hey i just found something with a chart ...this might be useful
Thanks Joe.....Pat

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