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12 years 11 months ago #5882 by Sarah

I've had my neobladder almost a year, but my question was a general one, as I had not heard of this. The more you research the more you find, and I came across this complication in the literature.
I have been doing a lot of abdominal exercises, and have picked up my running again, and there's no doubt that after I have strained to empty the neobladder recently I have felt some aching in the right groin. Not the burning I remember from before my dx, where I had a 2cm lesion that yelled as my bladder emptied, but a feeling of heaviness and aching a few minutes after straining. I don't have the same feeling if I don't completely empty (ie strain) I have a cystoscopy booked for a few weeks, so I'm sure the urologist will let me know what's what.
My first complication was a lymphocoele, which I understand is also fairly unusual - I just have to be different eh?
After almost a year of feeling like a rabbit caught in headlights every time I didn't feel 100% OK, I'm just terrified of hoping my 1 year check will be OK.
Really would love to know if anyone has any info or experience of similar symptoms?

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12 years 11 months ago #5875 by Patricia
How long have you had the neo-bladder Sarah? I've certainly heard of cystocele in a regular bladder where it bulges thru the vaginal wall...can be caused by heavy lifting, straining, or just plain childbirth....and as we age muscles get weaker.
I wonder if the treatment is the same for neoblader as it would be for a regular just being activity modification.....other is a divice placed into the vagina to hold the bladder in place....and then there is surgery.....and sometimes estrogen replacement therapy. Has your doctor recommended anything? Pat

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12 years 11 months ago #5868 by Sarah

Does anyone have any experience of this complication of neobladders? If so would appreciate some info, thanks

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