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After my mum, now is my dad turn .....

13 years 11 months ago #729 by Nikin
Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for your reply. Dad is going pretty well, all things considered. As I said, he's on Gemcarbo (completed the 2nd round last Friday) and hasn't had any worrying side-effect so far.
He's due to a CAT tomorrow, but unfortunately we won't know the result until next Friday... Anyway, he feels quite good, he keeps on with his normal life our rock! He also has the impression that the bladder can contain more urine, which it seems to me could be a good sign. My family and me need to take all this day by day in order to keep our minds as sane as possible: so, today, we're fairly happy (yes, we've learnt to make such a statement even in front of his cancer...).
Tank you again Wendy! I'll keep you posted.


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13 years 11 months ago #706 by wendy
Hi Nicoletta,

I wondered how your father was doing, can you give an update? I'm sorry for not responding sooner, but I missed your message before this.

I hope the treatments are working and not causing too many side effects for your father.

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14 years 1 week ago #542 by Nikin

my name is Nicoletta and I’m writing from Switzerland (italian part), so please forgive me for my English …
This is a wonderful and very helpful website. I’ve been surfing the net for about 1 month now and I haven’t found anything like this in my Country or in Italy. Tank you Wendy for the fantastic job!
I’m here because my dad, 80, is been diagnosed with BC (adenocarcinoma, G2 - TIII) last 8th April. On 12th April he had a heart attack (4 days after a TUR-P surgery), plus he suffers from renal insufficiency so the oncologist said he can’t undergo any kind of surgery.
They put him on Gemcarbo (started yesterday) and we are very worried about the side-effects of this chemo. We just can’t forget how bad was chemo (cisplatinum + taxol) for my mum 7 years ago (by the way, she’s a stomach cancer survivor and wonderfully fine!).
My question is: what should we expect from this Gemcarbo treatment ? Is it very bad ? Doctors say it’s milder then the one on my mum, is it true ? Is there anyone who can give me an answer ? Any help will be much appreciated! I can’t begin to explain how I’m feeling: so sad, scared, angry… I can’t find the words, not even in my own language! Thank you! Nicoletta.

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