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Chemo All Over 5/2

13 years 1 month ago #5311 by Sandra
Hi Joe: So good to hear from husband just inquired about you the other day. He keeps track of everyones "stories" and "happenings". I told him you hadn't checked in for a while but was sure you would soon. Well just got back for my x3 third round of maintenance BCG and here you are. It's really good news that chemo did just what the Doctor wanted it too and that you are getting all rested up and ready for your "Coming Out Party" (a lady here at the lake where I live had a cystectomy 12 years ago and she celebrates every June 12th as her Coming Out Party day). With your great attitude, gifted medical staff and wonderful family you can get through anything and will. Good to see you back here Joe. Take care, Sandra

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13 years 1 month ago #5285 by Mike
I moved this post to the invassive bladder section where it belongs I think I'm on a bad drug lol and thanks Zach for your reply. I am deleting this post soon so Zach if you get the chance you can also delete your reply here thanks bro. Also thanks for the very kind reply. Regards, Joe

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13 years 1 month ago #5272 by Zachary
Great news, Joe!

I think having a great attitude like you obviously had played a large part in getting through it.

"Standing on my Head"---my chemo journal
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13 years 1 month ago #5271 by Mike
Well I got done my chemo last round of chemo last week. Man that one really knocked me for a loop. I went last Tuesday and got my CT Scan done and saw Dr. Malkowicz yesterday and he told me all was well that he really liked what he saw from the images that what great news that was a long road and still some more to go. I get a little break here for a tad my surgery is scheduled for June 20. No joking lol I need a rest for a bit and get some of my strength back to get ready for this. Also that was great news that the chemo did the job I was sweating bullets waiting for them results to come back. Next stop is May 17 to see the Cardio Doc to make sure the good old ticker is primed up for the surgery. I told Dr. Malkowicz from 1/6/07 to the present with all these tests and worrying if I did not have a heart attack by now I should be good to go, he got a kick out of that lol. As I said from the get go I am so happy I made the decision to go to the Univ Of Pa. I could not have been treated any better from a great team of Dr's. And the nurses there they are all angels especially the ones in the Chemo Dept. They treated me with love, kindness, and compassion every visit and made me feel great. Under the circumstances I would joke with them and get them going and really got to be friends with all of them. Still fighting and moving on and feeling a little better each day. Oh by the way my head looks like the Ban roll on stick lol but I found out I got a nice round head and the crazy part my wife loves it. Best Wishes All, Joe

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