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Desparate for some input

3 years 1 month ago #53274 by Gil80
My husband had prostate cancer 6 yrs ago and was treated with Proton Radiation at MD Anderson in Houston (we live in Arizona) He did well after Proton and reallly no side effect and been very active. He was followed every 6 months since treatment by MD Anderson here in Phoenix with his last PSA of .06. 6 weeks ago the day before his regular 6 month check up he told me he had blood in urine and when I looked he sure did. So the next morning we were at MDA and they did blood work and urinalysis. His PSA was.06 and they sent the urine for C& S and started him on 4 days antibiotics-4 days later culture came back neg. Than 3 days later he was seend by MDA urology oncologist who did exam ordered CT with and without contrast of abd, pelvis and lung all neg. An pelvic CT showed tumor in bladder. Other 2 CT Scans neg. He had cysto in hop and had 4 days of spasm till cath came out-very painful . Tumor on cysto was large some calcification So large very little resection and enough for biopsy. So it is high Grade and looks like invasion in wall. Tomorrow he has PET scan and Monday we get Path results. Met with surgeon and he not candidate for cystectomy. Because he had Proton Radiation not candidate for Radiation. So options are Chemo only with 2 drugs and the new just released Immunotherapy drug TECENTRIQ/atezolizumab So decision we need to make is Chemo first then atezolizumab
or only atezolizumab. Any one have any experience with this new atezolizumab We need to decide by Monday. PET scan will show any mets to lymph nodes. He is 81 and definitely will not do a catheter again. Tumor is large in the bladder. He can not have Radiation again because he had it for Proton treatment.

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