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Chemo questions

5 years 4 months ago #47982 by fighterm
Hi rike, I can tell you about my experience with chemo, but it's a different chemo than your husband's. They gave me a lot of pre-chemo drugs (for nausea, for allergies, for pain). I had to take anti-nausea drugs for several days after infusions. I had other side effects due to my heart problem (atrial fib). I had a very rapid heartbeat that I learned to control with drugs after it happened again. I had 6 cycles of chemo over 6 months period (once a month). My husband could leave me for a couple of hours except when I had heart problems. Keep in mind that all anti nausea drugs cause severe constipation even though I normally is prone to diarrhea. He needs to start taking stool softeners right away, because it takes a few days to have an effect.

66yo female, 1992-Non-Hodg. lymphoma(NHL) high grade, chemo, rads, 2007 NHL, low grade, rads, 2013 NHL low grade, stage 4, chemo till Jan 2015; 2014 TCC, first Turb 01/29/2015.

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5 years 4 months ago #47978 by rike
Just an update and some questions! the start of the 3 months chemo for my husband has been delayed for a week since they found a spot on his lung and he will get a PET scan on Monday. Oncologist doesn't think the spot is malignant, but has to be sure.
If everything is ok, Willie will start chemo on Tuesday.
My questions:
Anything I need to know to make it easier on him after chemo---
Any special foods?
Do I/or someone have to be around 24/7 or can the patient be left alone for short periods of time
Any recommendations to help would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea what to expect and would like to prepare.
I am clueless and reading on the internet is so much information, I would rather know from people that have been through it, what worked for them.
thank you for all the help

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