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Neobladder Vs outside pouch.

13 years 4 months ago #3397 by timb
I've done a gazillion postings on this (I really should update my story sometime) but briefly...
I have a neobladder. It was created October 19th. I'm 43. The surgery is very tough but I did recover pretty well and now 3 and a bit months later my life feels 95% back to normal. At 4 - 6 weeks after surgery I was beginning to function normally again. I eat what I ate before with a few pretty minor modifications. My peeing "style" feels pretty normal again. I stand mostly and drain pretty well. It feels fairly close to how it felt before. I haven't gone back to work yet but probably will very soon. I probably could have done already.

My continence with the neobladder is excellent during the day now. I rarely leak. At night it's a little more trying so I wear those pant things but things are gradually moving in the right direction. There's room for improvement.

Before the op, like everyone, I was pretty terrified. But I'm really glad I made the decision to have a neobladder. It's a bit of a project getting it working but with the right head...

I think when I considered the other options, the one thing a working neobladder gives you is maybe more independence from medical supplies. But there is no absoloute guarantee. It certainly has given me a similar body image to what I had before. I have no regrets at all about choosing the neobladder route. And, like Jeff above, I was told that it could be converted to an Indiana (internal catheterisable pouch) if the continence didn't work out. I doubt that'll happen though.

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13 years 4 months ago #3395 by Jeff_Gill
Forgot to say.
The other reason I went with the neobladder was if some how I didn't like it I could go with another option.


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13 years 4 months ago #3394 by Jeff_Gill
I'm 59 and very active.

I just got my neobladder still hooked up to a tube until next week.

I wanted to be as close to normal so I went with the neobladder.

I can't wait to get rid of this bag. I didn't hear about problems getting a

neobladder and yes 9 hrs is a long operation and healing I would think takes

longer than other types.

I waited longer than 3.5 weeks mine too was aggressive. After he took the bladder out the staging of the cancer was dropped from 2-3 to 1

hope this helps


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13 years 4 months ago #3386 by JLake
My husband is scheduled for his cystecomy on 2/1. I am trying to keep open the lines of communication with and for him. I think he is still undecided about the neobladder because of all the transitional and healing problems. He said the other day that the outside pouch just seems so much easier in all areas. He is 56- pretty active. Maybe if he had some opinions from you gentleman and your outcomes he could make a better decision that would suit him.

Also should we worry that it took 3.5 weeks to get his surgery done after he was diagnosed?? They told him the cancer was aggressive.??

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