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Webs and moving on.

10 years 2 months ago #30965 by Patricia
Char....have your Vitamin D checked. My radiologist just did it in the office today.
Also here is the best lozange for under the tongue
you can find it in a health food store but they charge about twice as much.

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10 years 2 months ago #30959 by Webs
** This thread discusses the content article: Webs and moving on. **

I know I have not Blogged in a long time, but thought I would give you all an update. Since the update is mostly non medical I am putting this in Chit Chat and talk about all the ways that my life is moving on.

Medically I am doing really great. They have still not found a cause for my extreme fatigue, other than B12, taking shots and 2,500mg sublingual every day to help with that. They keep telling me to exercise, but when I do I have no energy left over to do anything else. The Oncologist says this is not leftover effects from the chemo, and the GP says all my levels are fine. Even checked the Thyroid. So I am moving on, excepting that I have less energy, and budgeting my energy daily to the things that are most important to me.

I have also moved on and tried to accept that I will always have a leaky Neo bladder. If new treatments come up I will look into them, but I have to stop obsessing about it. When I buy clothes I look for items that will disguise the bulkiness of incontinence products. Love those swishy skirts.

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