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Sex after surgery

10 years 2 months ago #30867 by GKLINE
I can only speak for myself of course, but,....
BEFORE surgery, I was able to become aroused if my wife put on perfume. All I needed was a passing glance and it was "lock the doors and take the phone off the hook" time.

AFTER surgery(nerve sparing), there was nothing at all, Nada. I tried pumps, pills and shots.....Bupkass.
It took 4 months for the full strength Viagra to have any effect at all. I was never sure if I was able to perform.

It was about a 10 month timeframe before I was confident that Viagra would work every time. I must say that my understanding wife would not let on that she was disappointed when I experienced failure. This was very important to my psyche as I would be willing to try again.

I can finally say that, at 18 months, I am pretty pleased with my progress. And so is my wife. There have been times when I have NOT needed the Magic Pill. But, I still use it if I want to be sure. Although, when I take the Viagra, I usually have a raging hot flash about 45 minutes after taking it. My face gets flush and everyone comments that I look as if I was outdoors that day. I hope this doesn't give away the secret or my wife will be embaressed beyond all belief. :huh:

So, thats my story, and I'm sticking with it! :unsure: :unsure:


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10 years 2 months ago #30831 by Hox
** This thread discusses the content article: Sex after surgery **

Read some of the posts... wondering if any recent data on implants and having some of the work done during RC... also experiences with intimacy and how long it has taken others to recover this part of their lives. I realize it will depend on what, if any, nerve sparing can be accomplished but some general feedback would be greatly appreciated. Rick


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