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Husband having surgery Tuesday 3/2

10 years 2 months ago #30897 by dunkie
Thanks again everyone for your support. Well today I went and he is doing a little better. They sent a PT to make sure he could navigate to the bathroom by himself using a walker. He still can't put weight on that leg, but he did well. The on call urologist, who I spoke to reguarding his blood pressure yesterday, cam in to see him. His blood pressure is still high, the low number, anyway he asked if my husband wanted a second opinion. HOORAY! Fortunately my husband said yes. The nurse was very impressed because they called in an internal medicine guy, ON A SUNDAY! So I think my veiled threats so to speak worked. Anyway he put him back on a pill he had taken before the surgery. We will see if this was the answer. I do feel like someone has taken me seriously. So I will let you all know how tomorrow goes because I do believe he will be coming home.

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10 years 2 months ago #30894 by dukel
Have been waiting to hear from you and thinking about you and your husband. Was hoping the news would be better. Very sorry to
hear things are so complicated and so hard on both of you.
As far as taking tubes out it seems a little early if he is still
having that kind of trouble. It's great to have cath out but not good to have to re-insert. I wish there was more we could do for
you both. Keep pushing to get the answers you need and the help you need.
Wishing both of you the best.

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10 years 2 months ago #30893 by Patricia
Mary you're getting a lot of "i don't think so's" instead of "I haven't the slightest idea". Here's one study on nitroglycerine after surgery
He should be getting something for his nausea...that is quite common with this surgery...phenergan is one of them but with his spiking blood pressure i wouldn't recommend it. Zofran another which is used a lot in patients taking chemo and if anything this one reduces blood pressure. However, if he can't keep anything down at all and is vomiting i might suspect an ileus. Keep watching him.
I would talk to the social services person at the hospital as i'm sure your husband is going to need Physical therapy and probably a transfer to another facility that provides that is not on your husbands agenda as he wants to go home...but maybe they can provide at home care? See if they can help you.
If he has that much mucus blocking his main tube i question why they would take it out so needs to be irrigated daily. I had mine for 3 weeks after i got home.
Hope the other guys can comment on that one.
Wish you both the best Mary.........Pat

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10 years 2 months ago #30888 by dunkie
Hello everyone. here is the latest. CK level were taken they were 2400 and came down to 1123. I heard normal is 200. His leg swelling has improved dramatically. His MRI showed some muscle damage servere inone compartment and minor in another. Prognosis is undetermined at this time.
But there will be some disability at best. Ortho has him in a boot to keep his foot at a 90 degree angle. He has been on complete bed rest only getting up to use porta potty. He is depressed and resigned but not fighting me when I question the drs. and nurses about my concerns. So it appears that the leg crisis is done they will not have to amputtate but once again we do not know the extent of damage. They are talking about releasing him Monday, 3/15. Some concerns now is that his blood pressure has spiked, it had been normal, 103/158 highest.They gave his a nitro patch Fri. night to bring it down, but yesterday it was starting to rise again. I spoke with the on call dr. asking if a urine myogloblin test was needed to measure muscle waisting protein in his urine, thus effecting kidneys, thus raising blood pressure, and was told I don't think so. When I go up today I will see what his pressure is taday and go from there. They mentioned that his drains and stents may cme out before he goes home. That would be nice. You have to understand that he can't put any weight on his leg and it is still estremely painfull. He is down to 2 oxycodone every 4 hours. He hasn't eaten hardly anything, he is sick to his stomach and lost his breakfast yesterday. The only thing he has really eaten is a couple of protein shakes the nursing staff makes. I told him I wasn't taking him home until he could make it to the bathroom by himself with his walker. I am not trying to be mean of course but I am concerned that I will be abole to take care of him. He absolutely has his mind made up he's oming home Monday, he is so tired of being in the hosp. We have asked for his hosp records and I have contacted the hosp. admin., left messages, apparently the don't answer on weekends. In order to lay some ground work for possible future litigations. The mucus in the neobladded would not come out for 2 days but yesterdy they were able to get out 3 syringes full of gunk. Anyway I will keeep you posted.


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10 years 2 months ago #30788 by Patricia
Oh Mary...all i know is he is an orthopedic surgeon
One of the top orthopedic surgeons in your area is Dr. Jung Yoo
There is a contact number on the page.
I would certainly try to contact him if possible. I do not know the window of opportunity for a fasciotomy but get another opinion fast.
If your husband is shutting down...kidneys especially..he is not capable of making a decision for himself. The CK levels most important. Do you know what they were?

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10 years 2 months ago #30787 by dunkie
Patricia, what do you know about Dr.Ira Weintraub? He's the ortho guy who is consulting. I am so frustrated with the drs. but also with my husband. He won't let me make waves. The problem is the very at the very least he will have permanent damage, and at the most death. I just can't get him mad. I've read all the internet reports to him. We've had friend and family who are nurses talk to him, He just doesn't seem to want to rock the boat. One nurse is a surgical nurse who has spoken to her surgeons, the other is a hosp. administrator. They are telling us to file a complaint with the hosp. admin. That way they start reviewing the case and you get better results. So he is having another MRI today, this one on his leg. The ortho dr. never did come back yesterday and I missed his urologist this morning. They started him on blood thiners and checked his CK, creatine/Kinese levels. We were told to ask for a urine myoglobin test to see if there is protein in the urine from a dying muscle. The dr. told my husband that it would be inconclusive because of his bladder surgery.

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