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bladder reconstruction

10 years 11 months ago #26207 by amar
ben taub = harris county hospital district
which is where I am to be treated

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10 years 11 months ago #26205 by Patricia
Whoa this......this may be the answer.....
keeping my fingers crossed.

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10 years 11 months ago #26204 by Patricia
Strange..i guess it wouldn't hurt to ask MD Anderson
According to the Texas Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act, public hospitals are required to provide indigent care where there is no hospital district. Unlike hospital districts, which set their own eligibility criteria, public hospitals must provide a minimum level of service to indigent clients and can not set eligibility criteria that are more stringent than those established for County Indigent Health Care Programs.

Nonprofit hospitals are exempt from taxes and are required to provide charity care. For-profit hospitals are not required to provide charity care, but may do so anyway. maybe????

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10 years 11 months ago - 10 years 11 months ago #26203 by amar
Thanks Pat
I can only say he said BLC not too common but his team do a "few" a month I wish there was a way to know for sure how few or many all together
About the last section of small intestine this is reffered to I believe as the terminal illeum the very end of which includes the ileocecal valve both of which I understand to be more needed where they are than where they intend to put them if you look at a diagram of an Indiana Pouch you seehow it is used as a "one-way" valve with the terminal ileum being the "conduit" to the stoma..
My question I guess is how does this missing small intestinal sections affect the digestive processes and what side effects are likely on a bad day to be encountered ..prepare for the worst hope for the best..
As far as SSDI I have app turned in already but 3 months at least before '
i know anything

As a child I was born with bilateral retnal blastoma with right eye removal before I was a year of age at herman hospital and silicone implant, radiation and several reconstructive surgeries to follow at md anderson follow up
( I grew up ) there until I was around 13-14 yrs old then when in the "Endo" clinic I was being checked out to make sure everything was developing properly and had been measured in all directions width girth circumference length of my downstairs (groin) whne asked to stand in front of the Dr. who had about 7-9 student Dr.'s in a semi circle around me pulled out my underwear while the others leaned over and looked down my drawers at which point I remember thinking when I don't have to come here I will never come here again ... now I am donating my removed tissues ( bladder prostrate lymph nodes etc etc ) to MDA for research purposes since at age 13 or so they ( MDA) have been wanting a tissue sample from me so they can continue where they left off amazing how things come full circle now matter how 'round-a-'bout or obtuse you end up where you began ... ashes to ashes I guess.. ironic, but if what I can give helps to help or save or even remidy then coolman
MDA, however, will not take uninsured, low income, blah blah, from ben taub I was told "We (MDA) let taub do what they feel capable of and when they cannot handle a given situation due to skills or equipment then and only at that time will MDA start looking for wayds to help me"
Blink blink.. I get it I guess.. bees make honey and men make money
there ya go Is this the same pat from blcwebcafe?

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10 years 11 months ago #26201 by Patricia
Oh Strange....what a bummer...where is that health plan we so desperately need?
Ileal conduit surgery consists of open abdominal surgery that proceeds in the following three stages:

Isolating the ileum, which is the last section of small bowel. The segment used is about 5.9–7.8 in (15–20 cm) in length.
The segment is then anastomosized, or grafted, to the ureters with absorbable sutures.
A stoma, or opening in skin, is created on the right side of the abdomen.
The other end of the bowel segment is attached to the stoma, which drains into a ostomy bag.
You're on the right track about asking the right questions. May i ask you know how many of these surgeries this physician has performed?
Here's a page to read....
Also in Houston here is the website and contact for the ostomy association...they should be able to give you lots of help.
Things are moving pretty swiftly for you. I wish you had more time to find out if there is financial help for you. There is a Patient Advocate Group
And i believe on the Home page here we have some references for financial help...i know you can apply for Medicade even if under 65 and also apply for social security disability benefits after. I shall look further into it.
It wouldn't hurt to contact MD Anderson and talk with a social worker there to see if there is some way they would take you. I'd sure try all the avenues first.
Good luck..........Pat

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10 years 11 months ago #26200 by amar
lots of great info you guys thanks.
I know this info is on this site somewhere I however don't own or sit regularly at a computer and even less time with online access, so
I went straight for the forums.
I have no real income or insurance of any type so my Dr. the second opinion and many options are limited to me, I get what I get, so to say.
I still am looking for things like when they remove the small intestine to form the pouch what to expect from that new lack of length in my small intestine and am currently trying to find out if use of the Ileocecal valve and the terminal illeum is required in even the Ileal Conduit (which I have pretty much convinced myself of getting)
I have read of Diareahea and digetive issues .. how long will that last?
so many questions ..
so little time..
I go into surgery 6 15 09 tomorrow 6 10 09 I get admitted I still don't know so many things
I went to the Dr. at a clinic with trouble urinating (kidney stone presumed) Dr. requested a CT which 4 days later she called w/ the results of when I missed my appt. because I was in too much pain to attend ha ve BC she explained and said go to the ER if I was in pain which I did and was told I was ...well making a long story short... after 3 more trips to the ER I was admitted and asked if when a stint was inserted into my ureter would I mind going ahead and doing ondoscopy(?) through the urethra biopsy 15 days later I am being admitted and 5 days after that will be my RC...
how to pee brought me here.. I think Ileal will be my choice being that surgery time is reduced and the long term cost of supplies are going to be less I believe (shrug) My concerns with this method are the ill effects of long term issuse that could be when trying to make an informed descion I like to be informed.
My Dr. is in for a round of 20 questions even though my mind is set this is what I want I still would like to know what I am looking "forward" to I see you guys write I love it I am not hindered in any way and no matter what diversion everone seems satisfied that all great but what can happen not that I am morbid but I do know there is another side to things that are not always so great.'
I want this over with and just want to be "able" again and not "sick" trying to learn a new vocabulary and definitions and knowing that not knowing is my worst fear.
what will I feel after surgery whne I leave or while in recovery.. I can't get ahold of my Dr.'s (am told I have a team) to bounce anything off of I am scared ot the bone and have nowhere to look for the answers to my questions but here and after tonight I wnt have this until I return from surgery and get a chance to grab a minute at the computer.....
I have a bone scan it came back negative this is good but my tumor when biopsied retreated into the muscle this is bad...grrr man what an aggrivation.. I am trying (today ) to find a local support group in houston tx in the ben taub hospital system tomorrow I will try again I am trying also to get into contact with md anderson people that might can facilitate osme of the answers to my doubts fears and ambitions wiggin out that I am going through

I have read alot of what I want to know but I guess until I go through It I wont know but words like "discomfort" and such are general terms used to ease what I feel is mroe like excrutiating and throbbing ...
I think I have a high tolerance for pain and don' tlike to take medicinces at all
at any rate thanks for all the great posts my prays for you all I just need to mentally prepare myself for the coming week I let you all know how it goes when I get access and maybe you can learn me how to better use this site in a more effictive manner next time 'round

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