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What is all of this in my urine test

11 years 4 weeks ago #25543 by Betsy Mae
Try not to panic!
In my experience, I assume you have a low grade infection. I get these all the time following my neobladder op. Currently take a low dose of antibioics to try and combat it.
I understand that the neobladder can be a hotbed of bugs for many reasons.
At least we can be insane together!
Betsy Mae

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11 years 1 month ago #25539 by GKLINE
Just came back from my annual Physical and had a non micro urine test. the doctor said He saw traces of microscopic blood, white blood cells, and protein in the test. He ordered further blood tests and didn't seem too worried. Just Wondering if this was a normal function of surgery and a neo bladder.:dry: He also performed a stool blood test and that was negative.
I do have to go back to my surgeon in July but I don't want to act like a wimp and call for every little thing.
One a positive note.... I did pass my physical with flying colors and Skip Barber reinstated my racing licence and I can race in the Memorial day races at Watkins Glen, NY. This was one of my 5 goals on leaving the hospital.
My Primary Doctor has a list of 150 Questions he asks his patients. The only one I failed was, " Are you Insane" He didn't ask that this time because he knows the answer already.

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