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Menus for Elevated Serum Potassium?

11 years 2 months ago #24644 by Patricia
Two articles to read
and Mayo's
And here's a list of low potassium and high potassium foods
I don't know Harley....i'd ask for another reading just to make sure from what i've read........Sorry about the new bump in the road.........Pat

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11 years 2 months ago #24633 by harleygirl
My Dad's most recent bloodwork came back with a big spike in potassium level. His nephrologist has given him a list of foods low in potassium and told him to be on a low potassium diet. My Mom is going crazy trying to come up with meals for Dad! There seems to be so much potassium in everything and limiting it is a real challenge, especially for my 79-year-old Mom who cooks everything "Texas-style" (meaning fried!) Plus, Mom had already decided her cooking years were behind her so this new twist has her stressed, which stresses Dad who does not want to be any trouble to anyone, especially Mom.

The kidney doc actually called Dad after the last bloodwork results came in earlier this week and took him off two of the many meds he is on for hypertension. I think these were drugs that increase potassium levels in the blood. He is also going to repeat the bloodwork next Monday in case the last test was mis-read or the sample mis-handled. I'm certainly hoping that is the case since his bloodwork at the beginning of March did not indicate a high potassium level and then 2 weeks later, the potassium is above the highest limit. Due to this, I'm not sure diet is the cause of the spike in levels or that limiting potassium in the diet will do any good towards lowering it.

Any ideas on where to find menus for low potassium meals?


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