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Eventually I\'m on line - Our update :)

11 years 7 months ago #22094 by balihigh
Congratualations on your dad's recovery and especially the path report. I too traveled to MSK for my surgery on Sept. 5 and Dr. Bochner was also my surgeon. Dittos on everything you said about him and MSK. I only came from North Carolina and not across the Big Pond but it was well worth it. When you are considering your life, you must go to the best!! I am amazed at the number of people that settle on a hometown surgery or hospital for cancer treatment. So many do not have good results.

Again Congrats and kept up us to date. I have had a couple of minor UTI's and have started taking Clear Tract which was recommended by bladder cancer survivors. I ordered it online. I don't want to keep my urinary tract irritated as that can cause more problems.

female 60
1/08 dx 4 tumors TURB
T1 G3
12 BCG + interferon
5/08 another tumor/TURB
9/08 RC illieal conduit

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11 years 7 months ago #22093 by grampadonut
wonderful to see ya back on-line and with great news about dad..congrads !!
and everyday he WILL get alittle better

dx t2-g3

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11 years 7 months ago #22092 by newbie08
Hi all,
Just want to give an update on how everything is over here, we are now 6 weeks post op and nearly 3 weeks post cath removal!! I just want to say thanks to everyone for their support while we went through my dad’s RC especially Pat and Eileen G (I don’t know what I’d have done without all their knowledge and support!!), I haven’t been able to get on line much at all, it was a tough time but hopefully we are now over the worst and can move on with the rest of our lives! RC etc took over 10 hours (longest day of my life!!) but in the end all went well, neobladders was constructed and a LONG 13 post op we received the GREAT news that my dad is now cancer free, all lymph nodes are clear :D WE are so delighted, all this has been worth while….
As Pat posted (thank you!), we had a bit of a set back and big fright last week, dad’s temperature spiked to over 103 + and it took them nearly 4 days to get it under control which was starting to get worrying!! He had a kidney infection and UTI, he was released from hospital after 6 days with 2 weeks of strong antibiotics, it has him pretty wiped out but his temperature is back to normal and he is now on the mend thank god!
The neobladder is going well so far, his day time continence is pretty good, he hasn’t actually leaked at all in the last 3/4 days which we are all delighted with, daytime is coming together :) Nighttime is a little slower but we were warned about this, dad goes to bed about 12 and gets up at about 3am and 6am which is pretty tiring but from the first couple of weeks of getting up every hour we can see an improvement which is the main thing, he has only had one bit accident cause usually the drips wake him anyway…as he says himself “Deep sleeps are a killer!!!” so I’ll keep ye posted on how he goes! Other than that all is going ok, his energy levels are low but from reading all the posts on here I realise that is to be expected, just a bit frustrating I suppose!
So all in all, things are going fine, it’s a tough journey but we seem to be coping as well as can be expected!
Just one last thing, I can’t say enough about MSK and their staff, its’ an amazing place and it was worth the journey, I know our experience and outcome would have been a lot different if we hadn’t travelled! Dr Bochner is great, such a nice man as well as an exceptional surgeon; we’ll be forever grateful to him!!
So that’s us, hope everyone is well, haven’t read the forum in a number of weeks so after I post this I’ll try catch up with everyone!
Thanks again to this website and everyone here, with out it I’m not sure where my dad or my family would be xxx

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