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Neo bladder irrigation

11 years 6 months ago #22087 by Webs

About two months out my doctor had me stop irrigating. I think for the first year you have checks every three months at least that is the schedule my Uro has me on. Hope your CT goes well.


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11 years 6 months ago #22079 by SharonD

Not sure when you had your surgery however mine was on the 18th of Sept 2008. After I had the tubes out they wanted me to cath myself after I urinated to see what was being left in and also to irrigate. When I went in for my followup he was impressed and said providing I had no problems I could go to irrigating 1x a week. I also had problems with aspiration and the nurse told me to slowly move the cath around apparently it does get stuck on the new bladder when I tried to withdraw the irrigation solution. My nurse also switched my caths to the french 14 red rubber ones that have more flex in them.


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11 years 7 months ago #22073 by Maria
How often do you irrigate your neo bladder and have you had any problems with aspiration?
I have had intermittent problems with aspiration, any advice?

Good news, seen my surgeon last week and got a 100% ok for my first 3 month check. I am fully continent, had a few problems after surgery which I understand is normal.
I only self cath because I have been advised to do, otherwise I would not bother, my neo is in good shape!

How often should you have a check during the first 2 years post surgery?

I am due another CT scan in a few days, after my surgery I had 1 enlarged lymph node showing on a scan, on 2 further scans it could not be seen ...... fingers crossed it has not returned!!

Maria x

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