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Question about a change in lymph nodes 3 months post RC

12 years 3 months ago #13573 by LindaW
Hi, Mike,
I had my RC/neobladder surgery in 2/2002. At approx. my 7/2003 check-up, the CAT scan showed a borderline enlarged retroperitoneal lymph node of about 8-9mm. This lymph node continued to be enlarged until my CAT scan of 12/2004 showed that it had decreased in size to approx. 5mm in diameter. This is the last CAT scan report that I is time once again for me to request my records so that I have a copy of everything from 12/2004 until now as well. My urosurgeon was watching the lymph node in question but still had me on a 6 month and then once a year CAT scan schedule. The point I am trying to make is that an enlarged lymph node does not necessarily mean cancer, and my urosurgeon decided to wait/watch like yours is recommending. Please keep us updated on what you find out and here is hoping that your results turn out as mine did.
Hope this helps,

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12 years 3 months ago #13565 by fearandfight
Mike Cynthia bought up a good point but I think I want to know that's just me. As far as my Oncologist I have not seen him since I was done my chemo. He's a great oncologist it's just things worked out this way. All my appointments are still with Dr.Malkowicz my surgeon except for now I am seeing Dr. Weichert an Infectious Disease Dr. I have at Penn for this infection I have MRSA. And Dr. Malkowicz is well aware of this it's like he just took over all my medical needs and I am glad he did he is a great surgeon and just a plain down to earth man. BTW Dr. Schoenberg did his residency under Dr. Malkowicz these guys all get along. Maybe run this by Dr. Schoenberg and see what he thinks about the node situation. Good Luck to you, Joe

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12 years 3 months ago #13561 by harleygirl
I read this thread with great interest as my 81-year-old Dad, who had his RC last April, has been told that he has an enlarged lymph node in the pelvic area. He, too, was told his nodes were clear post-RC and the margins on the urethra were clean. This node was discovered while he was having an MRI and/or CT scan recently to try to determine why he had been bleeding from his penis for 7 months post-surgery. The urologist and oncologist still don't know what caused the bleeding, but, if I understand my Dad correctly, he hasn't had any bleeding since 1/29/08! Seems it stopped on its own. Figure that one out! We hope and pray that the bleeding has permanently stopped.

Dad has an appointment with the oncologist this Friday to discuss what to do about the node. I know he would have to think long and hard about any surgery, minimally invasive or not. Maybe they will do a scan to see if it has changed in size. I know that last week Dad came down with a yeast infection around his stoma and a staph infection in his nose during the time the node was found to be enlarged. Maybe it's all connected. I completely agree with Cynthia. It seems that regardless of what you go to the doctor for, they usually seem to find five more things that you didn't even know you had!

Please keep us posted, Mike, on how you decide to handle this. I will also post about what happens with my Dad at the oncologist this Friday.

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12 years 3 months ago #13559 by Maria
Hi Mike, I can’t offer you any answers with regard to the lymph nodes. This must be very difficult for you and yet another challenge to face. Just as things seem to be doing well for you here is another obstacle to deal with.
However, on the positive side you said you have made a good recovery and adapted to the neo bladder really well, to be back to work and your sport is great progress and achievements you have made since your RC.

You are in my thoughts and I hope Ginger and Gene are right and this is a ‘misbehaving little lymph node’ and you get good results with your next tests.
Take care and keep us posted.
Maria xxx

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12 years 3 months ago #13556 by Gene Beane
We will be thinking about you hoping this is just a misbehaving little lymph node. Its hard to be optomistic but we will look for good news from you. Take care , Hi to Eileen and your family. Ginger and Gene Beane

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12 years 3 months ago #13545 by Cynthia

My RC will be two years ago in May. During that time there has been twice that nodes showed enlargement during my checks. We chose to have a wait and see approach to them. And both times the next check showed they had gone back to normal. It seems like they are always finding something that turns out to be nothing thank goodness. But the not knowing is the worst with out a doubt.
Having said that it is a personal decisions how you handle this. I know it made me very ill at ease to wait. The question I always asked my Oncologist was if it is mets will waiting six weeks make any difference to my outcome?

Chin up and straight forward


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