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Thing are looking up

12 years 5 months ago #11773 by Patricia
Hi Lisa....well at least the styles this year all look like maternity wear to me!!...Good for all those tubes...thankfully a distant memory now as are the jumpers i was wearing!!!
Glad all is going seem to be bouncing back great.

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12 years 5 months ago #11772 by lisaloo
Hi Holly
Hope you had a fantastic time at the dinner I know what you mean I feel a bit of a freak.I have more tubes etc new holes than you could ever wish for.I must admit to living in baggy jumpers and jogging bottoms rather than glam dresses although by this time next year I will be hitting the dresses hard I can assure you.
Love Lisa

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12 years 5 months ago #11770 by mznoregrets
Hi Lisa :)

I am glad to hear the HRT is helping - I sure wished I had been able to get relief with it. And I know the port is an adjustment - it gets more normal after a while and much less sensitive. Be sure to put the lidocaine creme and saran wrap on it an hour before chemo and you shouldn't feel a thing with the needle.
On Friday night we went to a formal dinner with my hubbys company at the country club...I was nervous because I have not been out like that since before the cancer. After I had dressed and gotten ready for the event - I realised I had not even worried a heartbeat that my dress may not cover the port! Everything turned out fine - folks said I was glowing :)
God bless,Holly

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12 years 5 months ago #11769 by wendy
Dear Lisa,

I was glad to read about things progressing and that you are feeling better. I'm glad you got the port, I know they are funky things but they do spare veins, and I know many a'woman that has bemoaned this after the fact...wishing they'd had a port because when you are many years down the road it can be problematic just to get a decent blood draw.

You are young and strong, I bet chemo won't be as bad as imagined (what ever is?). Which drugs are you getting, do you know yet? Some are worse than others of course, and this could very well mean that some treatments will be worse than others if they are giving you a combo (most likely) and alternating them (also likely). Cisplatin is the drug that is almost always used for blc, and also happens to be tough. But years have shown it to be the most effective. There are newer versions of platinum drugs but none are in our accepted 'arsenal' yet, though many are being investigated in trials. When people find cisplatin too toxic- like when the kidneys are compromised- carboplatin, a sort of little sister drug, is substituted.

I am sure you'll get some answers here about what to expect. Get the best anti-nausea drug covered by your insurance and take it before the nausea gets a chance to hit. It's like with chronic take the pain killer before, because prevention is better than treating the acute attack, whether it's pain or nausea.

Thinking of you,

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12 years 5 months ago #11764 by lisaloo
I am starting to feel better and more in control.I have had HRT for just over a week now and feel so much better thank goodness.Last week I had my catheter taken out and its now all about getting the hang of self cathing through my stoma.It seems ok just takes a while and seems to take longer at night.LOL.
Whilst I was in they also installed a port ready for chemotherapy to start in the new year I have a planning appointment on Thursday ready to start on the 9th of January.So any ideas for what to ask would be good.I seem to have recovered pretty well from the surgery so I am praying the chemotherapy wont be too bad.
Happy Christmas everyone
Lisa x

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