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CT vs. PET scan

13 years 1 month ago #1262 by wendy
For initial staging a CT scan is standard. If the CT scan did not show up clearly enough for some reason, an MRI might get ordered and sometimes a PET. PET's are not used standardly yet, insurance will cover it but only after other tests don't give a clear enough answer. If someone is being treated with chemo for invasive bladder cancer a PET is more likely to be ordered (and covered).

It depends on the original diagnosis whether a doctor will think a PET is needed. Do you know the stage and grade of the tumors removed, was there CIS found?

There's more info here about staging:

Take care,

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13 years 1 month ago #1243 by nanaca
We learned that this week for the first time medicare will cover the PET scan. Your MD has to register your dad into the system. My wife had all the tests including a bone scan , CT, and this week a PET scan. The Pet scan was very helpful. It eliminated a concern related to a lynth node in the affected area. The size was determined only by the PET Scan.
Good luck. REB

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13 years 5 months ago #505 by sharon
My Dad was diagnosed with lung CA 2 mos ago...chest x-ray/CT showed suspicious lesions. PET scan confirmed and showed lymph node involvement. My 64 yr old husband was diagnosed with bladder CA 4 mos. He has had bladder removed/stoma constructed and is now undergoing chemo GEM?platnium??I can't think, sorry. I asked/begged for PET scan after my Dad's diagnosis but oncolgist said it wasn't as beneficial for bladder CA as Lung CA, besides, he said, "your insurance won't pay". I called ins and they said it would....Now his oncologist wants to wait until this round of chemo and then consider PET scan. I feel the urologist/oncologists has dragged their feet since December with the bladder CA but my husband insists they know what's best. I hope they do. :'(

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13 years 5 months ago #503 by sharonwm
My dad, 64 years old, has 1 large bladder tumor and other smaller tumors.  He is going for a CT scan next week.  Is a PET scan a better test?  We just learned that he has had blood in his urine occassionally for the past 2 years.  (He told no one, until now)  Consequently, I am very concerned that the cancer has spread.  

Are PET scan typically covered by insurance?  



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