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In the process.....

23 hours 32 minutes ago #56027 by doglover
First of all, THANK YOU! Your comment about the hit man and tumor had me laughing out loud and I really needed that today! Such a blessing to have something to make me laugh.
Second, I thank you for your prayers. I continue to pray for you and others here as well. We can never pray too much. I have placed your surgery date on my list for special prayer.
Thirdly, thank you so much for that detailed description of the cytopathology. Today, just before surgery, my Uro said she did it last week and it was normal. Good to know!

I had mine today and was a bit surprised by the pain. I expected to jump right out of there and go pick up two of my dogs from day care....really. My driver/friend said 'Why don't WE use your dobmobile and pick up the dogs together'. A wonderful lady that works at the Vet brought them home for me. I could see this was not going to be as easy as I thought.

So, now I wait for pathology. I have an appointment for two weeks, but she told me she would call if she received it sooner. Thank you for your support.

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3 days 21 hours ago #55980 by JIMG4
doglover, it is all His plan!

The cytopathology report is a report on cells from my urine. At my first visit to the urologist they took two samples, a blood sample and a urine sample. The blood sample was for a PSA test for the prostate. The urine for a cell (cyto) pathology test called selective cellular enhancemant. They put the urine in a centrifuge and separate the cells. Then they take some of the cells and examine them under microscope to determine malignancy etc. I'm not sure if that's routine or not but i'm sure someone from this community could provide insight to that.

I'm glad to hear that your cystoscopy only showed 1 tumor. That is good news!! You've got this!! And even happier to hear that they will be performing your TURBT on thursday. I hope you iron out the logistics for getting yourself home. The sooner this is done the sooner you get to the next step in the battle to get thru this. Prayers and thoughts for you!

I'm glad you see the humor in my naming ...the tumor....!! For me it was a light hearted thing which allows all of us to be able to joke around about it. It keeps the mood up instead of down. Big difference between everyone trying to ask about "tumor" or saying "cancer". Such depressing terms!!! Off the record, i've hired a hit man (my uro) to take him out! (I'ld share his name but I don't want to offend anyone if by chance they have the same name). Nowadays you just never know who you could possibly offend.

Please update after your TURBT and are feeling better so we can know that you are fine. STAY STRONG!!

All my best.


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4 days 2 hours ago #55979 by doglover
That is God moving. He got you in a bit earlier. I totally understand your haste. I am trying to rush this along as well.
I find it humorous that you have named your tumor. I once named my IV in the hospital because if I went for a walk, it came along like a friend. I guess I see my tumor more like the movie Alien; an unwanted implant that needs to leave asap. I too watched the scan process, and saw the tumor, like yours, just one.

Today they called me to schedule the TURBT on Thursday because another patient developed pneumonia. I told them of course! I don't have a ride home yet however. I hope I can manage this appointment.

You are on the fast track, and the low grade is very good news. You have an excellent Urologist.
I wondered what the cytopathology report is? I have not had one of those. Is that something that is standard?

In my prayers. One can never have too many people praying for them.

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4 days 4 hours ago #55977 by JIMG4
doglover, good to hear that you had your cystoscopy! I hope all goes well with your TURBT.

I was supposed to have my cystoscopy tomorrow morning at 8 AM. But today around 12:30 PM I received a call from my urologist's office and they said they had a cancellation at 3:45. They wanted to know if I could come today instead of tomorrow at which I immediately agreed.

The cystoscopy was not pleasant but it definitely was tolerable. Interestingly, not sure about others, I was able to watch in entirety as the urologist examine my entire bladder and the tumor with the scope. Side note, a little over a week ago I named my tumor, and my wife, two daughters and I refer to him in the 3rd person..... corny, but makes us laugh.

At any rate, good news is no other tumors noted during the scope and my urologist said that cytopathology report confirmed low grade!

Looking at Thursday October 25th for my TURBT. On to the next step!

"Today is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss–good, not evil. Success, not failure in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.”

Good night peeps! Thoughts and prayers for all!

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1 week 12 hours ago #55956 by doglover
Hi Jim!
Thank you for asking. I was surprised today. I thought I was only having a consult but my doctor also did the Cystoscopy. She told me it was a low grade papillary tumor and did not believe it had invaded the wall. I require the TURBT in hospital as well. (I hope I can take a taxi.) My online chart said "Benign neoplasm of bladder". She said the TURBT would tell. So, there is hope, and I also pray for a benign result. They will contact me for the procedure. I hope it will be soon.

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1 week 1 day ago #55939 by JIMG4
Doglover, based on everything I've read it seems that the TURBT is standard procedure with the tissue removed sent to pathology for grade and stage. My urologist, told me that my TURBT will be done in the OR at the hospital under general anesthesia, not in the office. It will be out-patient day surgery.

Thank you for the prayers!

So out of curiosity, where are you in this whole process yourself???

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