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Newly diagnosed. Very scared! I have a Turbt scheduled for Monday 6/5

2 years 2 months ago #53485 by seattlejohn

My name is John and I'm 43, father of 2 small boys and very scared. I noticed blood in my urine last wednesday 5/24 and went to see the doctor the very next day. I had urine culture but also had a CT scan ordered. The CT scan showed a 2cm mass so yesterday I had a cystoscopy done which confirmed a growth that looks cauliflower in nature. The doctor said it looks so far to be differentiated and superficial but we won't know until we resect it and send it to pathology.

My question is this.

My urologist is planning on resecting it and then doing a wash with mitocyn after the resection to prevent recurrence and err on the side of caution. I've been reading a lot of the literature regarding mitocyn vs BCG. I read a research article that said BCG has a better efficacy for preventing tumor recurrence. It also seems that BCG is the gold standard.. I could be wrong.

I reached out to him and asked him his thoughts of BCG vs mitocyn and possibly have a BCG wash instead of the mitocyn and he wrote:

"BCG is unsafe to administer in this timeframe, due to the risk of sepsis from absorbing the bacteria via the surgical site.

If you are found to have a high risk disease (or intermediate) we may use it beginning two weeks later to prevent complications."


My question is that it seems many people on this site get BCG after their TURBT? is this correct or am I misreading this. My urologist has been practicing for 17 years and he seems very knowledgeable and caring but I am so anxious about this first diagnosis I want to really attack this cancer with everything we got on the first try.

Can you please tell me your experiences. Is this correct protocol? I'm young and healthy and frightened so I want to be as aggressive as possible.

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