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Probably have bladder cancer

3 years 3 months ago #52755 by jdbark1952
Hello to everybody, nice to meet you.

about me, I am a 64 yr old male, and my plans for the future may have drastically been altered. I noticed a couple small clots the I passed in my urine last Summer and thought, hmm blood from a silent kidney stone? I had kidney stones in the past. No more problems but then more clots a couple months later and I scheduled an appointment with my Doctor. He said "we will have to check that out". but I think it slipped his mind.

I started passing larger clots, a couple were big enough to be painful, so I scheduled another Dr apt. He figured it was a kidney infection and gave me a treatment of antibiotics but also ordered a CT and a referral to a urologist. I picked up the results of the CT and the radiologist said he saw a 5.2cm mass. I made sure the urologist had the results and my appointment was moved up from a month out to 3 days.

Urologist said that with the CT results he was going strait to a TURB and getting a pathology report done so he will know what needs to be done next.

Generally I am an optimist, but am very concerned that a cystectomy is in my future.

I am in California and have a preference to going to the Los Angeles area for this procedure, are their recommended specialists?

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