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Nurse Dissented against Doctor, Confusion ensues..

3 years 2 months ago #50948 by Jmitchell418
I just had my first round of BCG last Friday, 16 days after my last TURBT where 2 small tumors were removed.


45YO male
11/30/2015 Left nephrectomy
2/17/2016 left ureterectomy
8/10/2016 cyctoprostatectomy w/ileal conduit diversion
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3 years 2 months ago #50933 by Mike M

Always disturbing when there appears to be a disconnect among medical staff. My military Uro goes with 6 wks after TURBT to begin BCG. However, Dr Lamm, considered one of the authorities on BCG, indicates 2-3 wks after surgery on his webpage. Whole point is to give your bladder a chance to fully heal from any tumor resection and/or biopsies before exposing it to BCG. I believe you'll find the timeframe all over the map, but suspect 4-6 wks seems the norm for many...kind of depends on the extent of your surgery.

Dec 15 - DX Ta HG, 1.5cm Pap, Focal CIS; Treatment: SWOG Protocol (BCGx27); Feb 19 - Ta HG recurrence and CIS/Ta HG in right kidney/ureter; underwent nephroureterectomy; next cysto in May

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3 years 2 months ago #50931 by jroza1
So I went for my first round of BCG yesterday and the Nurse apologizes and says "We need 6-8 weeks from your surgery before we can do BCG. Your Doctor Scheduled this too soon." I get a call back from my doctor some hours later, "Not sure where she got that from or why she countered, but you are scheduled for next week... Sorry for the confusion. we normally try to start at 4 weeks after surgery (my surgery was March 7th)... there is no reason for her to have done this - don't worry I will have words with her..."

Soooooooo What is the common wisdom? 4 weeks or 6-8 weeks?


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