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My beloved Jim is gone

2 years 1 day ago - 2 years 1 day ago #55018 by Cynthia
I headed to chemo 12 times myself over ten years ago now. Hang in there and know that I have my fingers crossed that the chemo kicks butt for you. The Radical Cystectomy is not bucket list material but like you I knew it was part of the journey to the other side of bladder cancer. When they give you the greeen light get yourself up and start walking as much as you physically can as soon as you can. It gets the intestinal track, well back on track and builds your strength back. I had mine done in May and was dancing to La’Bamba in Sept. at a wedding. Hard road but doable.
Because of security reasons (I can tell you stories) we do not allow emails on the forum if you will send me a messege with your email on the contact form here I will get it to Carla. Other members learn from what goes on in the forum so we also like to keep information sharing on the forum if possible. People that just read count thousands to one poster.

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2 years 1 day ago #55017 by mystri
jimswife: I am just now reading back messages and this one touched me dramatically. My wife and I are planning our second trip to Hawaii late fall this year following the surgical evolution in late May or June. I was so sorry to hear this but also encouraged that you guys had 5 years plus together following diagnosis. God Bless you!
I have not contacted you because I'm not sure how to do that. I'll bring you up to speed a little on our situation. Had my 5th chemo treatment 4/4 (another 8.5 hours in the chair). Last week we were at MD Anderson for a CT Scan and Cystoscopy (sp?). The news is good in that the two major tumors have been virtually defeated. There is still some residual in a diverticulum on the muscle wall so they ordered two more treatments (yesterday and the 18th). Surgery to be scheduled 5 to 8 weeks past that date to remove the bladder, prostate and other stuff that provides fertile ground for recurrence. Not looking forward to that from a physical perspective but know that is the best treatment. And am still involved with the VA having written a 2 page letter in response to their last requesting more info. We can chat about that later if you like. Blessings, Mystri.

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4 years 1 day ago #50963 by Flamenco.
I was so sorry to hear the sad news about Jim. He would be very proud of you to know that you are carrying on with the battle to help others.I guess that was one of his wishes. Thinking of you,

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4 years 3 days ago #50949 by jimswife
Thank you all for your well wishes. I will be back from time to time. Right now working on healing and planning more bladder cancer education/awareness. Florida will recognize May as BC awareness month this year!
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4 years 3 days ago #50947 by DougG
Deepest sympathies are with you. As soon as I saw the topic, I had tears in my eyes.
Hugs to you, dear lady!

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4 years 6 days ago #50932 by Alan

I am sorry to read about Jim and your loss. I always looked forward to your posts and don't think for a moment that Jim won't be missed!

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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