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Having my first cystoscopy help!!??

3 years 11 months ago #50496 by grandpaguido
it can be slightly uncomfortable but it does not hurt!! I have been going through this for 22 years. You'll have some discomfort after a cysto so make sure they give you a ciproflaxin antibiotic and AZO to take. I have also found that CYSTEX plus is very good for relieving the minor discomfort. Basically it is a walk in the park!

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4 years 1 day ago #50479 by Shelbel
She has another thread on here, said it was an ultrasound.

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4 years 2 days ago #50464 by jeffrx
How did you find out that you have these polyps? Did you have a CT scan or MRI?

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4 years 2 days ago #50460 by GKLINE
I am assuming that you are male (Charlie?)
The procedure you are having is the simple insertion of a camera into your bladder.
Never fear... it is a small camera(Kodak Brownie sized) they snake it past your prostate(a little tight there) and then you feel..........Nothing!
You will see your bladder in living color on the big screen TV (and so will all the nurses and Dr)
I am hoping they find nothing in there..... But if they do...... You will be put on an action plan to get rid of it.

I have only one piece of advice (serious this time)
You will need to lose all of your modesty at the urologist. Really. think of this as a time to really "sell it" Even if it scares yo to death. If you can relax and laugh at yourself, It will be an easier procedure. A qualified technician will make it slightly uncomfortable, but not painful.

If you can laugh at this post a little............
Then, you will be OK


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4 years 5 days ago #50435 by Rockyiss
Hi there, I don't know if your a guy or girl but I will tell you from a girls perspective. If it is a cysto it is usually not a big deal. If they use a camera it will project onto a big screen and you get to see on the tv screen what the inside of your bladder looks like. That is kinda cool.

If you have youtube, you can watch the procedure on it and see what happens during the cysto ahead of your cysto. Most times they put a little numbing gel in first so when they put the scope in there is no pain. (for guys I don't know) The last two times my Dr. has not used the numbing gel and I am thinking of going back to him using it. It is a little more uncomfortable without it. But still doable. Good luck and don't be to nervous. rocky

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4 years 6 days ago #50429 by sara.anne
Hi again!! I just answered your previous post, and assumed you were having a TURB. However, in this post you indicate that you will be having cystoscopy with no general anesthesia. This is a different procedure....

The urologist will still be placing a very small camera into the bladder so that he can carefully examine it. (No biopsies) Based on his experience and what he sees, he may very well schedule you for a TURB as I described in the other post.

Cystoscopy does not hurt....males find it a bit more uncomfortable than females, due to anatomical differences! For me, it is somewhat like a pelvic exam, and much better than a dental appointment! Lasts about five minutes. Your bladder may feel a little irritated for about an hour after. Those of us with diagnosed bladder cancer are very used to these exams!

Please let us know what the result is!

Sara Anne

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