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update on my husband's RC/IC

4 years 5 months ago #50137 by wifeofmike
Well, we seemed to have hit a bump in the road. Things were going slow but steady after Mike's surgery. He was given clear liquids for a few days and little by little introduced to soft foods. Yesterday, he started vomiting. His doctor had an obstruction series of x-rays done and everything is clear. He was also taken off all foods. The nurses keep asking him if he's passed gas and he has, but nothing more. He called me this morning and told me that he just had an NG tube inserted.
Mike is very depressed about this because all he wants is to be home, sleep in his own bed, etc...
Does anyone know anything about this? I'm so upset about this...I just want to put my head down and cry.

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4 years 5 months ago #50128 by Alan
Thanks for the update and very glad that things are going the right direction!

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4 years 5 months ago #50127 by GKLINE
Thanks for the update
I remember the recovery after RC as being agonizingly slow. But I am glad to hear he is progressing well. Keep on this track and you will be putting this behind you and soon be getting on with life again.
Best of luck
We are thinking of you both


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4 years 5 months ago #50117 by MadLove
It's good to hear of your husband's recovery progress after surgery and that he will be home soon. I share your feeling about having full confidence in the doctor. It's what we all want for the BC patient. As the spouse, I find great peace of mind in that and can sleep a little easier. When I can't, I've got a notebook too nearby to jot down questions and concerns to ask the doctor. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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4 years 5 months ago #50111 by wifeofmike
My husband's RC/IC surgery was 12-7-2015. He is recovering, slow but sure. Mike also has Chronic Kidney Disease, so that makes his recovery a bit slower. I spoke with his doctors yesterday and they are very happy with his progress. His surgeon also anticipated the slower recovery because of the kidney disease.
I just wanted to let everyone who is facing this procedure know that they must search and look for a doctor who they trust and feel comfortable with.
Mike's surgery was at Fox Chase Cancer Center. His doctor is Dr David Chen. I couldn't ask for a better facility or physician. The doctors, nurses, resident physicians and whole staff at the hospital are kind and helpful. They go that "extra mile" for you.
I can go home from the hospital each evening and not worry about my husband because I know he is in good hands.
His doctors and nurses keep me up-to-date with his care and answer all my questions. Sometimes I feel that I might be a bit of a pest because I want to know everything and why. I write things down as I think of them and take my notebook to the hospital to ask my questions.
Dr Chen told me yesterday, that as long as Mike keeps progressing as he is, he will be able to come home around the beginning of next week. I can't wait!
I would recommend Fox Chase Cancer Center and their Urology Team to anyone looking for a good facility and doctor or anyone seeking a 2nd opinion.

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