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23 year old, english female needs advice please

4 years 3 months ago #50082 by CatherineH
Hello Charlie... Welcome to our forum. Reading your post just makes me mad that a doctor would be so dismissive of growths in your bladder.

While an issue with your bladder may not address all the symptoms you are having, you most certainly need to be checked by a urologist. Growths in the bladder may not be bladder cancer, but unfortunately it could be and the sooner you can have that verified, the better. As you must have seen on this site, bladder cancer is very treatable, especially when caught early.

You need to push back on your doctor for a referral. If she is still uninterested, you need to change doctors asap. My gyno found my tumor on an ultrasound while checking me for other symptoms and immediately had her assistant call a urologist for an appointment before she let me leave the office. I credit her with saving my life.

I'm sorry you are having so many uncomfortable issues at your age. Please be persistent and get that appointment. Let us know how things go.

Best wishes... Catherine
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4 years 3 months ago #50080 by charliemr04
Hi guys, I'm completely new. Bit of background history before my questions.
I am a 23 year old female. I suffer with PoTs, EDS and i am a haemophilia carrier. I have had bloating that doesn't improve for the past few months, i struggle to eat and drink and i am always needing to wee even though i can't. Sex can be painful and i get the worst stomach cramps going, they have me crying and wanting to go to hospital, My periods are irregular and tend to last a day and I look pregnant. Close family and friends have also commented and asked me if i am.

The Dr's referred me for a ultrasound to see if it would show something in my ovaries but instead this has showed two poyps in my bladder i cant remember the size but they were big enough for me to notice straight away when i was having my ultrasound done, i saw both.
My dr didn't seem concerned and has left it like that, no referrals, no tests. She said it wont be that causing my issues and suggested ibs which i have been trying tablets for anyway. Said there was no shadowing on it so it's fine and my recent blood tests are okay. Also i have no blood in urine.

But I'm wondering if I should have been referred or something done. Surely they shouldn't be leaving two growths in my bladder without any investigation? I have never had bladder cancer but just wanted advice of people who have been through this. My only option really is to change dr or pay for a private dr for advice. Cancer is very common in my family and has always been a big fear of mine, my understanding is that most polyps are not cancer and shouldn't be an issue. Even if it isn't cancer shouldn't i be having them removed?

Thank you for reading this, any advice or input would be appreciated, as much as i am concerned it seems like even in the worst case scenario the outlooks for this kind of cancer look a bit more positive than most.

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