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4 years 10 months ago #49013 by Flamenco.
Hi, Glad your treatments went well, sounds like your doctors have got the right idea in encouraging you to get on with and enjoy life as well as you can,in between checks and treatments, and not dwell too much on the "whatifs". I am a great believer in the bodies power to fight adversity better when positive mental attitude is applied!!And as you will see from many of the people on this site, many of them long term warriors,have just that attitude. I hope you do stick around, not just to learn new stuff, but also to support others who have been in the same boat.
P.S. You are allowed to worry a bit acouple of days before any procedures, so long as you revert back to fight and enjoy life mode straight after !!!

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4 years 10 months ago #49012 by Jay
WOW! When I first came to this forum several months ago, Sara.Anne told me to take a deep breath. I've taken several and looking forward to the future. I'm not too good at all the technical terms. This forum was for only half my problem, I also had prostate cancer. I had to take care of the bladder first, non-invasive, had the tumor removed, 6 BCG treatments and the cystowhatever a month later was good. I got the prostate removed in April, last 2 PSA tests were good and was cleared for 3 BCG maintenance treatments which started this week. Hoping for the best in about 7 weeks when I get tested again and still taking those "deep breaths" every so often. One thing I've been told by several doctors, don't dwell on what might happen, do everything possible for yourself in the moment, whatever happens/outcomes occur, worry about them then! I wish good luck for everyone here and thank you all for any information. I'll definitely be sticking around this forum for a while learning new things. Jay
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