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Mom has invasive BC

6 years 2 months ago #45157 by rm1sw
My mom (84) was diagnosed two weeks ago with BC. At first she was seeking advice from a specialist in regards to her persistant UTIs. While waiting for the results of her CT scan, she started to bleed. After a week of hospitalization, tests, and a biopsy, Dr. K diagnosed her with invasive BC. She has two tumors the size of golf balls. They do not know if it has gone past the bladder, but it is deep into the muscle wall. The current plan is for a CT of the lungs, if her lungs are clear then 2 rounds of chemo then surgery to remove and reroute.

I think she is in the stage of disbelief, thinking that she is healthy as a horse and that this is just a simple matter that surgery can fix. Then she can go back to her smoking.

We are in the waiting game, waiting for CT scan, waiting for appointments, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

How fast does invasive BC grow? How bad is chemo on an 84 yr old woman? How long is this surgery to remove/reroute.

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