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Again and again and again

6 years 3 months ago #45019 by RDnKY
In November 2012, my husband started having blood in his urine. Local doctors treated him for two whole months with antibiotics, insisting that he just had a urinary tact infection. Finally a blood clot blocked his ureter and put him in such extreme pain (it was so scary!) that they finally did scans that found things that didn't belong in his left kidney. After a cystoscopy, the doctor recommended that the kidney be removed ASAP. So, in late February 2013 - on my husband's birthday - his kidney, ureter, and bladder cuff were removed. About two months into recovering from the surgery, blood in urine returned. Two weeks later, a cystoscopy found many tumors in his bladder, which was clear before. These were scraped out and two weeks later husband began six weeks of BCG treatment. Two weeks after the last BCG, a new cystoscopy found new tumors. This was yesterday. Oh my goodness....I am freaking out!

My husband has absolutely no risk factors for bladder cancer other than being male and in his late 50's. He has never smoked, he exercises every day, we eat well (except too much ice cream)..... Why, why why???

We go back to see the doctor the week after next to see what his options are. The doctor is concerned about how fast the cancer keeps coming back. I guess I don't really have a question other than to see if any of you have ever had such fast reoccurring cancer and to get any information/experience you have that might help us wrap our minds around what is happening.


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