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Concern about being outside the odds

7 years 5 months ago #43776 by sara.anne
You may have noticed that I moved your post from "New Users' Information," which is more about how to use the Forum, to "Newly Diagnosed" where more people will see your post. (I realize that you haven't really been diagnosed, but...)

It is very possible to have bladder cancer without any blood in the urine. I had two kinds of bladder cancer and have never had any blood in the urine, microscopic or otherwise. There are urine tests that can indicate a possibility of bladder cancer, but they are not definitive. Usually there is not a large mass present, and probably not a strong odor. The usual symptoms (and often there are none) would be blood in the urine, and urgency and discomfort with urination.

A definitive diagnosis is usually made by a urologist. The usual test progression is to have a cystoscopy (where he looks into the bladder with a tiny camera) which is done in the office. Then, if there is a possibility of cancer, a biopsy is done under general anesthesia (a TURB or transurethral resection of the bladder.) The tissue samples are sent to a pathologist and only after the report comes back is there a complete diagnosis.

Your symptoms are not typical of bladder cancer, but everyone is different. Be sure that your doctor keeps after this until you DO get a good diagnosis of what the problem is. BTW, if you have read many of the threads on this Forum, there is no such thing as TMI!!!

Best of luck to you.

Sara Anne

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7 years 5 months ago #43773 by jingles916
I am searching for information about bladder cancer. I have always been the outside of the odds. I have recently had female problems that led me to a new gyno. In 2010, I had cysts on my ovaries that were removed and the surgeon failed during the surgery and poked holes in my small intestine which led to an additional surgery to fix that. Needless to say, as my new gyno puts it, it's a mess in there. The current female problems led to two transvaginal ultrasounds (sorry if TMI) which gave light to more cysts on my ovaries and a suspicious mass on my left, at least it appeared to be on the left ovary. The CA-125 test concluded it is not ovarian cancer without a doubt. So the new gyno has suggested another ultrasound in 2 mos and if the mass is still there, then an MRI of my pelvic area. She also said, it doesn't appear to be on the ovary now. I've had the cervix check, the uterine check, all clear and normal.

Here's my dilemma: Can you have bladder cancer without the presence of blood in urine? I am one of the 3% of the population that presents kidney stones with protein in urine rather than blood. I have had in excess of 30 kidney stones, the majority blasted, but many passed. I had a 9mm stone stuck in my left ureter for many months as it went undiagnosed. I have near constant pelvic pain, mostly on my left side where the mass appeared. Has anyone else presented like this? Is there a test, like the CA-125 for bladder cancer? Is the urine strong and odd smelling with cancer? I've never smoked, but did work in a factory for two years with known carcinogens (my husband 44yr old has stage IV colon cancer, but that's another story). I just want to find out why I hurt and make it stop. I have colonoscopies because colon cancer runs in my family and that's clear.

If you've read this far, I applaud your curiosity. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

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