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We are in trouble

6 years 11 months ago #43757 by danielle
Thank you Rocky for those kind words...greatly appreciated. What a lovely group of people we have here at this site. Bless you all.

Anita Hi, yes I was so lucky I had those medical papers packed into a large bag over my shoulder..Phew...I dread to think what could have happened..:-)


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6 years 11 months ago #43743 by Rockyiss
Hi Danielle , My heart goes out to you and your husband for what you guys are going through. I was a caregiver for my husband while he fought his cancer and I know how tough it has to be for you. I was glad to read about your trips and the time you two have gotten to go and be together. That time has to be priceless. My husband owns a constrution company so even going through the cancer , (his and mine ) there has not been a time in the last four years for us to get away.
Thank the good Lord you mangaged not to hurt yourself to much when you slipped. And they say yougurt is good for you !! Hope you not to sore. Rocky

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7 years 2 days ago #43704 by DougG
Thank God for those medical papers and the padding to break your fall. I'm glad no broken bones. Prayers are with you and your husband.


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7 years 3 days ago #43703 by danielle
Thank you Herb for those lovely words...I love my husband so very much..We have been together now for 48 years.We are not spring chickens any longer..Hubby is 73 and I am a month or two short of 70 years.
Its my husband's strength and determination that keeps ME going...I never hear him complain and believe me, I know how difficult it is for him at times...

Bless you too


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7 years 3 days ago #43696 by Herb
To say. I am sorry cannot express my feeling but I want you to know how much your love for husband is a blessing and it gives him the will to grab what strength he can, your love has and will continue to uphold him and remind us all what the love of others has done for us. I continue to continue because of my loving wife and friends which includes those who try so hard to reach out through these 'bits and bytes.' You are not alone.
Take Care,

Age 72 had radical 9/11/10 have conduit everything is fine, grateful to be a cancer survivor. Lost Dad and Brother to Cancer both in their 50's.

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7 years 3 days ago - 7 years 3 days ago #43695 by danielle
Dear Friends

As promised I am getting back to you...I know how important feedback is and I hope it will give help to others out there...

This morning we were at the Oncologist...Of course she broke the news to hubby that the latter months of chemo have just kept his situation exactly the same..Not for the better and not for the worse...Unfortunately he has not been able to tolerate the chemo for the past couple of cycles, which has given him DVT, neuropathy and high ferritin levels, (which also cause pain coming from the extra iron invading the liver...Also alas the fluid in his lung...

We are now having a break of all treatments, just blood test every week...In another month he shall start a course of TAXOL...This treatment of taxol will be given in low doses once every week instead of one dose every three weeks...
In the meanwhile we are just passing day by day with hope of some improvement after the next bout..

You won't believe what happened to me this morning...As we were leaving the clinic,still in the foyer, I slipped on spilt yogurt and landed on my hip, hand and shoulder..I had my shopping bag, with all the medical papers that side and that buffered the fall...My hand is a little painful, but I am lucky I am well padded in certain areas, (no comments please) and was extremely lucky no broken bones...Who will care for the Carer???:-)

I was so lucky wasn't I...Anyway shall keep in touch, thanks so much for being here..Cyber hugs

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