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new to forum- searching for info and support

6 years 10 months ago #43221 by CatherineH
Hello and welcome, Sophiegirl... I am so sorry about your health challenges and the recent added worry of bladder issues. I am happy you have seen a urologist and have a cystoscopy scheduled, although not as quickly as you would like. See if they keep a cancellation list and put your name on it in case a time slot comes up sooner that you could take.

Blood in the urine doesn't always mean bladder cancer. I don't know about the tissue you are seeing when you void, and the doctors won't either until all the test results are back. I am assuming they will do a pelvic/abdominal CT scan which will take a good look at your kidneys, as well as the bladder/pelvic area. I'm having my third annual CT scan on Monday, too.

The best way of knowing what is going on inside your bladder is the cystoscopy. It allows your uro to examine the lining of your bladder and to look for irritations and any suspicious areas or growths if there are any. Many of us here get them every 3/6/12 months, depending on where we are in our time since diagnosis and treatment. It can be a bit uncomfortable (and embarrassing the first time) but generally not painful, at least for women.

Waiting is definitely difficult when you know something is going on in your body but the docs can't find it, as in the case of your MS. I was almost a year getting a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and I began to think maybe it WAS all in my head.

Try to keep your spirits up and if you need a little help with that, hang out here with us. We will help you as much as we can with your questions as they come up along the way.

Again, welcome to the forum.

Best wishes... Catherine
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6 years 10 months ago #43219 by sophiegirl
Hi, am 54 yr old woman with MS and chronic major depressive order. I do my best not to let both things keep me down! :P
I have recently had urological issues- frequent urges to urinate; hesitancy and trouble voiding; pelvic and back pain. Recently, for the second time this year, I found both blood and tissue in my urine for about a 10-14 day span. This second time, I saw my GP who took a urine sample, ruled out a bladder infection, and referred me to a urologist. It took more than a month to get to see the urologist. I saw her today, very kind person. She did a pelvic exam, took a urine sample, and asked me many questions. Urine sample showed microscopic blood in the urine.

I am scheduled for blood work-up and CT scan to be completed next Monday...not bad.
Because the CT scan is notorious unreliability in detecting all bladder masses, however, my urologist is also wanting to perform a bladder scope (forgot the technical term.) I know blood in the urine can be indicative of many things, only one of which is possible bladder cancers. But I am wanting to know, please, does the pervasive inclusion of tissue in my urine each time I void when I am finding blood on the toilet paper cause concern for greater likelihood of bladder cancer?

I do know that tissue can sometimes be a sign of renal necrosis, but the doctor seemed to think that was not likely in my case. My frustration lies in the fact that I will have to wait until 10/30 to have the bladder scope performed. As I saw mentioned in so many others' posts, the waiting is obnoxious as hell. Having had to go through years of "waiting" and testing to finally get my MS diagnosis, I find my resistance to this beaurocratic delay challenges my commitment to keeping a positive attitude and healthy perspective.

Thank you to both the adminstrators and the participants of this forum. Your presence here is valuable to many, many people.

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