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Question about restageing surgery

7 years 4 months ago #42281 by billalda
Rich -

Some points of reference: I had by first TURBT on Nov 21 of last year. My tumor could not be totally removed on the first pass which took a long time because of its size. Second TURBT performed Dec 13. My catheter was just in overnight the first time and removed same day at discharge second time. Having a catheter installed for the first time took some adjustment including managing sensations of urgency. Initially, I experienced spasms whenever I approached the toilet ... I thought it might be an allergic reaction to things porcelain :-). Over time I found pressing down on my legs just outside the pelvic area was soothing and helped get things flowing.

A couple of weeks after #2. I developed a powerful urinary track infection which included very frequent urination, some pain, fever, chills. Didn't know what was going on at first. Eventually called urologist who prescribed antibiotic which cleared this up quickly. Lesson learned: keep communication line open with the doctor.

Good luck on this new journey,


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7 years 4 months ago #42273 by ric132
I want to thank all of you for replying to my questions, and want to say that i feel better about things. I will keep you informed on my next turbt and i am going to talk to my Doctor about some meds for my pain in the bathroom.
Thanks again and wish you all well.

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7 years 4 months ago #42249 by CatherineH
Hello Rich... Welcome to the forum. Getting through the initial diagnosis and TURBT is such a scary time. It seems as if your doctor is on top of your situation. It is good that he is being thorough and wants to do a restaging TURBT.

We will be here to answer any questions you have as you navigate through the next few weeks. You will have some decisions to make, and the better informed you are, the better you will feel about your chosen treatment plan. People here have been through about any scenario that comes up and are more than willing to share their experiences and insights.

Wishing you the best on your next procedure, and hope you are feeling better very soon!

Best wishes... Catherine
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7 years 4 months ago - 7 years 4 months ago #42248 by upnorth

Sorry you have to be here. If the pain is only when you first start to pee, it may be from mussel spasms. I quit taking my pills for spasms way to early, and had to suffer through the pain. Wish I would have hung on to them or at lest called my Urologist and asked if I should keep taking them.

You sound like you are progressing normally with your treatment path. Give your Uro a call and tell him about your discomfort. I'm sure they will have some relief for you available.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


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7 years 4 months ago #42247 by DougG

Welcome to the site. Sara Anne summed it up well. Good to know you are in good hands. Hope you are soon out of pain and can go longer than 30 minutes between visits to the restroom. It will get better! Hang in there.


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7 years 4 months ago #42246 by sara.anne
Rich, there is GOOD news in your situation! You appear to have a urologist who knows what he is doing! When a urologist does the first TURB, he is taking samples of a number of places that appear to be problematic. A really thorough doctor will go back in three or four weeks and re-biopsy those places that showed signs of cancer. Very often a biopsy of these places does not get enough tissue for a definitive diagnosis, and the second TURB allows the doctor to be confident of his analysis. A second TURB, such as you are being recommended, is considered state-of-the-art in bladder cancer diagnosis. Studies at top cancer centers have shown that even there under diagnosis is common with only one TURB.

As for your discomfort, this is not unexpected. Did your doctor give you a drug such as pyridium (which turns your urine orange) after your TURB? There are several such drugs which can help with the pain.

After you get the results from the second TURB, you and your doctor will have all the information you need to make some very important decisions.

Best of luck to you!

Sara Anne

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