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Newbie, picture of health until 8 weeks ago,

7 years 9 months ago #42129 by razorback
Hello folks,

I just joined this site this week so please excuse any duplicate questions I may have. I am 56 years old, 40 year smoker but now stopped, and have been a relatively picture of health until this year. Eight weeks ago had an ER visit for extreme abdominal pain. CT scan showed a narrowing in lower bowel. Was admitted into hospital with pain management for 4 days, then pain went away. Then had 4 days of every type test you can imagine. 8th day another CT scan showed narrowing gone, and I was back to feeling normal. Doc's did inform me they saw what they called a small blimp on CT scan in my bladder. They released me and advised to see a urologist to be safe but had know real explanation of the abdominal pain I had experienced. Until this time I had never experienced any bladder or urination issues in my life and wasnt then or no family history of it, though they did say there was small amount of blood in my urine. One week later I had a Cystoscopy which showed several tumors, much to my surprise, and now experiencing peeing razorblade sensation. One week after that had TURBT procedure that proved to be T1 high grade with whole new level of bruning/cramping. Two weeks later I had Repeat resection and sent home with a catheter. One week later had catheter removed and informed Repeat Resection showed no muscle involvement, this was last Friday and I am still experiencing extreme burning and can only pee a few ounces at a time even though i am taking Phenazopyrid and Oxybutynin MEDS. So the Doc has put the ball in my court now on what treatment to have next. Seems he is leading me towards the BCG treatment in this link. . At this point I am just trying to get as much info on what I have and what others are experiencing with similar path I am on. Below are some questions I have that I would greatly appreciate anyone's advise on. Again I apologize if these are questions already answered in these forums that I have not searched out.

1. Although the Urologist I have is very well known in my area here in Arkansas, should I seek out of state second opinions in places like MD Anderson, Mayo or others If I have that option?

2. Since this has happened so quickly, I have had limited time for online research with this site being my most visited. Are there other sites anyone can recommend to me for fast track knowledge?

3. Are there any other med's or home remedies to relieve my continued extreme burning and lack of being able to empty my bladder more than just few ounces at at time.?

4. Of course, any other treatments other than the site I listed has given, I would like to hear about even clinical trials.

5. Although I am red, white and blue blooded American, I have lived most of the past 4 years in mainland China near Hong Kong because of my work. I am wondering if there is anyone that has had experience with this cancer being treated in China/Hong Kong. If I choose to go the BCG route, was wondering if I could trust facilities there or if there is any treatments anyone is away of there that is not approved here but maybe should be considered.

Thank you in advance for anyone sharing their experiences...

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