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Turbt done 1/29 hit a snag

13 years 3 months ago #3537 by Mike
Well I went as scheduled 1/29 for Tur. And also my left ureter was blocked so my left kidney was not working. They tried to use a Cath to open ureter and later that night about 11PM one of Dr. Wein's residents came in and said Joe the Cath slipped so Dr. Wein needs to reschedule you for tomorrow to put a stent in to open up the ureter. Thinking omg I hope I am up to this back to back procedures but I had no choice I needed to get this done. Got one problem the tumor I don't need the kidney shutting down. I did not call my wife till the morning wanted her to rest as she had been up at 4:30 am and did not leave till about 10 pm that first night. I called her in the morning to tell her I had to go back in. Dr. Wein came in that morning explained about putting in the stent and also told me my tumor was on the larger size we are waiting on the pathology but he said he would not be surprised if it was now in the muscle. Honestly when I was first dx with the tumor being 2 inches I did not think it would be superficial. I knew he was good but while I was in the Univ of Pa Hospital I came to find out he has patients that fly in from around the country just to see him. I am fortunate I don't live far from Philadelphia. Well I came into this ready to fight and try my best to beat this and that's what I'm going to do. This is where I am so happy I chose a good Dr and and a great hospital. As I mentioned before Dr. Wein is a very soft spoken man and he just said Joe if we got to take your bladder we will build you a new one and don't you worry let us worry for you, yes I appreciate his positve attitude and know he can do this but nonetheless it still worries the heck out of you. Pathology results should be in the beginning of the week ( this be one time I wish he was wrong but I doubt it ) so all I can now is stay focused do whatever I am asked to do, pray for the best, and my road maybe a little longer now but it ain't over till it's over and I'm not giving up. God Bless All, Joe

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