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learned to Cath today!!!

9 years 6 months ago - 9 years 6 months ago #35127 by Patricia
Julie..tell nurse for me she is an misinformed nurse. There is all kinds of awareness going on now in hospitals all over the country on cath induced UTI's......
Anyway here is a letter which you can reproduce to give to your insurance company signed by the big guys.
I now use about 4 a day but in the beginning i was using the 200..i would order a box of the clear coloplast and the rest a non latex 14" french l6long from Kendall Rob-nel. I happen to have a latex allergy......and come to think about it as much as you have to cath why not go with non-latex just in case you do develop an allergy......??? OH...and don't forget to get a script for the saline solution that is for irrigation ONLY. Read the bottle....irrigation ONLY. It is a cannot buy over the counter.
Keep nice to your stoma..ask her/him to quit spitting so much mucus and eventually he/she will respond. They're a bit rebellious at first but you know how kids are...same thing. Train em!!
Congrats on your first step to eventual're really going to love the Indiana once you get used to it.
:side: Pat

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9 years 6 months ago #35126 by mamatrausch
well I learned to cath today and still have supra pubic tube in (capped) but I guess a safety precaution I cant wait to get that pain thing out next week. So Pat and all of the other pouchys I asked for
1. A letter of medical nessicity to cover lube, stoma covers and caths
2. The nurse just gave me 6 caths and told me to reuse no problem with infection just rinse and put in baggie.(i asked for a script anyway and she gave me one foe 120 a month cant I get 180 (6 a day times every 4 hrs?) We will see what my insurance will cover it is a great policy Im lucky!!!
3. I just cathed after leaving the clinic (2 hrs)and it was only 2 oz what is an average amount of urine every 2 hrs???? Pat you told me I was going to be tired Haha and its THANKSGIVING WEEK!!!!
Im feeling better and stronger everyday Mike you were right on this.
Thanks to all who have been writing and encouraging it really does help get through those nasty hard times. Love, Health and thanksgiving to all of you

T1/G3-CIS 10-01-2010
10-27-2010-Indiana Pouch

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