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second opinion in Southern Oregon needed

9 years 7 months ago - 9 years 7 months ago #34552 by clueless
I was told his blood counts are good. I will inquire about the other things in detail.
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9 years 7 months ago #34551 by Patricia
well there ya go...nitrofurantoin...common side effects..nausea..loss of appetite....and on infinitum
Check with your local doc first before giving him any potassium...find out his level first...too much can cause nausea. And do have them do a serum B 12 especially since he lost a lot of blood..find out his hemoglobin count.
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9 years 7 months ago #34550 by clueless
I assume CBC is some type of blood panel... I haven't seen one, but I think our regular doc has one he took before sending G off to see the urologist, and they took them when he was in the hospital.

G gets a regular vitamin/mineral supplement and other than his chocolate (and ice cream) escapades is on a good diet. Doesn't touch alcohol and quit his pipe some time ago. We have a huge veggie garden and many fruit trees and I am a passionate griller and love fish and as a rule I grill daily. It's how I unwind, outside with peace and quiet and beautiful views. Anyway, he generally eats well and balanced. And he's back on track now - I am grilling salmon tonight. Spinach from the garden, and rice is the plan.

I have a potassium supplement on hand, I use it myself at the time. I can include him for a bit. He also gets some iron since he lost a bunch of blood.

I am sure they'll do his blood in Portland... I hope to get that arranged for later next week.

Oh, and it turns out the doc has his own lab also - 3 rivers did the path - and maybe he just wanted to do it himself and it was a business thing that caused him to be reluctant. We'll see more on Monday when I will discuss the second opinion.

The prior drug was nitrofurantoin and he did not tolerate it well. I am holding off on the cipro for now but watching closely for burning or any other signs of infection. I will save this for Portland to decide...unless I see any signs of infection.

He feels so much better now - falling back into his routine.
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9 years 7 months ago #34549 by Patricia
So what drug was hubby on prior? And whats the excuse for Cipro now? Talk about clueless...thats me!
Has he had a CBC..i'm sure. Potassium ok? Have his B12 checked as when we get to be over 60 we lose our ability to absorb this crucial vitamin which has side effects the docs never think of.
I'm sure if the doc balked at a second opinion he won't order this either. All pathology should have a second opinion.
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9 years 7 months ago #34545 by sara.anne
George is so lucky to have you by his side!!

Agree with Mike...with that diagnosis, a second opinion/review
is necessary. When I felt I needed a second opinion (for another medical problem) my doctor in the Rogue Valley was very helpful and was most interested in reading the opinion to help him in his practice. The best thing that can happen with a second opinion is that it says that everything the first doc is doing is great!! And if it isn't, you still win.

Just don't hit a deer on those dark roads!

Sara Anne

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9 years 7 months ago #34543 by mmc
Sorry to hear George was having problems. From what you describe, the 2nd opinion is certainly the way to go. In addition to writing here, if you are not already, it is good to keep a log book of everything. Take it with you to the doctor appointments and write down questions and answers. It helps because things start running together with appointments and tests, etc.

Can't imagine why he'd not like the idea of a 2nd opinion on the pathology report.


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