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How did u find out?

9 years 9 months ago #33629 by DougG
Had blood in the urine, saw a GP who told me "No way is this are too young." BUT he did send me on to have an X-ray (if memory is right) and something showed up so I was referred to a urologist who did a cystoscope, found cancer, had TUR about a week later. I thought I was going to the uro with kidney stones, so it was a real shock.

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9 years 9 months ago #33621 by lena
WOW !!!
Thanks for the reply , it means a lot to me . I know it was not easy but I am really proud of you. My mother had the cystoscopy but there was no tumor they just did a biopsy and now she has to do a CT scan ? is this still be possible to be cancer in there ?
i hate when i dont know the result

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9 years 9 months ago #33620 by GKLINE
My story about bladder cancer was the medical version of the "Fast and The Furious"
I went to my Dr. for my annual checkup and he does a urinalysis as a part of the exam. Since I have known my Dr. for 40 years (I was 53 at this time) we had the usual friendly chat. He once sent me a letter notifying me he was dropping me as a patient, because I didn't come in for visits. I called him to tell him I did not have anything wrong, so I didn't come in! He did keep me on his patient list... Thank God!

During our Chat, the nurse came in to tell him of the blood found in my urine. The change in him was dramatic. He IMMEDIATELY scheduled me for an ultrasound the next day. I also had a battery of blood tests Scheduled.

The afternoon of the ultrasound, my Dr. called and said; "I am not waiting for any other tests to come in. I have made an arrangement for you to see a Urologist tomorrow at 9am."
Saw the urologist. Had a cystoscope. Saw the tumor in living color on the TV. Was told, "You have Cancer" and this is what we are going to do.
In the 3 weeks that followed, I had a TRUBT to remove the tumors. A second TURBT to check for clear tissue (unfortunately they still found cancer cells in the bladder wall) And 5 days later, I had a Radical Cystectomy (RC) and I had new plumbing installed :laugh: :laugh:
I will not say that any of this was easy, by any means. But, and it is a big butt :lol: I am alive. Actually I am MORE than alive. I am ALIVE!

I will never trivialize the change in life that this will put you through; either as a patient of a caregiver, But life will go on. This is a bump in the road. A rather big bump. Please Keep on Looking UP!

I am more alive now than ever! I have been given a second chance and I will make the most of it. You will too!

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9 years 9 months ago #33617 by lena
Hi everybody ,

I am curious to know how was everybody first being diagnosed . What kind of signs and symptoms did u have and with what kind of test ( cytology, ultrasound, biopsy or Ct scan) was the cancer confirmed?


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