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Father Newly Diagnosed

10 years 4 months ago #29953 by mmlaphillips2
Hello. He is 52 years old. I wanted him to get a 2nd op. but he does not want to. His desc. on Rad and Chemo or nothing is big enough and he does not want to be told something else and than try to figure out what to do.
Cystectomy is the removal suregery, correct? If so he can not have that done. Surgery is best but not an option for him since he has COPD and uses oxogen.

I had a feeling that location had a lot to do with treatment and prognois. Looking at the american cancer society prognosis at 5 years is diff. than what the oncologist said, but I understand it depends on the particulars.
He had IVR done on 1-7, go results on 1-14, TURB done on 1-20-2010, results on 1-28 and met with oncologist on 1-29. I am sure his questions and views will change about he has absorbed it for a few more days.

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10 years 4 months ago #29952 by Patricia
First of all so sorry to hear about your fathers late diagnosis of bladder cancer. And yes location of the tumor does make a difference on what kind of diversion he may get.
But at this point you really REALLY need a second opinion from a top cancer center or university center that deals with bladder cancer on a regular basis. A re-TURB is certainly indicated and really is now routine with bladder cancer as first go around they don't always get the margins especially if your with a local uro who does not see much bladder cancer.
How old is your father? a lot depends on this as for treatment.
At Stage 3 chemo is almost always indicated prior to cystectomy.
tell us where you are and i can recommend a center of excellence.

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10 years 4 months ago #29951 by mmlaphillips2
My Father was just diagnosed with High Grade Transitional cell carcinomy papillary and no papillary types. Stage 3
Tumor evades into lamina propria and superficial muscle wall. Lymphovascular space invasion is identified. Section of intramiral ureter is present and shows high evidence of high grade carnioma in situ.

The tumor is on the spot of the bladder where the uretha connects and blood vessels are located. It was a large tumor according to Dr. and was also wrapped around the uretha tube . Doctor says that it is high grade and highly aggressive.

His best option would be to have surgery and remove the bladder, uretha tube, and kindey but that is not an option as he has COPD and say he is not a canidate for surgery.

His options are radiation and chemo, or nothing.

At this time we are awaiting approval for CAT scan to see if it has spread with takes it stage four if it has.

His next appt is with the radiation oncologist to find out more, hopefully before that will have catscan done, than meet with oncologist and urologist.

The oncologist does not feel that is has spread which is good news, but still have to wait for the CAT scan. Its hard to belive that when at first by the family doctor, we were told your test showed a very tiny spot on your bladder and don't worry its a slow moving caner.
It is so frustrating obvioulsy because of the diagnois, but also wondering if this could have been caught sooner if his family doc had done a urine test.

We do know that not all of it was able to be scrapped off which worries me espeically due to location.

I know options change a bit if it has spread, but
Is treatment and prognosis different, case by case, depending on location of where the tumor is on the baldder?

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