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Dr, are you sure?

14 years 4 days ago #246 by Rosemary
My name is Rosemary...I am 53 years old and newly diagnosed with bladder cancer.  The Dr said the tumor was very large, but low grade..low scale..he says "it will come back"...though before the surgery, he said "70% chance of it coming back"
I am very low risk for this cancer.  The Dr said that the only reason that I have it (Do not smoke, never worked with chemicals, am vegetarian) because "sometimes nice people get it"....he has said this twice...
That being said...I would just like to talk a little, and maybe make a record of my strategy...Of course... first, prayer is a must and absolute... A naturopath told me that I should take Essiac tea...without knowing anything about Essiac, the week after my surgery, I had a dream in which the word..."BURDOCK" kept appearing....I later learned that burdock is the main ingredient in Essiac...I decided that this must be a guidance for me and am now taking two tablespoons of the syrup everyday...(I would like to state that my guidance is my own guidance and not for anyone else...though I don't see how Essiac could hurt... not a Dr tho')...I am drinking green tea every day at work and have made my own syrup made with Red Clover...cleavers...and dandelion...may add Cat's Claw later... I will be ordering a Cancer diet cook book today.
   I have become scared of everything that I did before...scared of coffee...scared of wine...scared of baths....scared of peanut butter ....(peanut butter :-?)...scared of microwaves....
   If anyone has any other suggestions, or comments, I would love to hear them...  
  Going for second biopsy (not enough muscle tissue) early in March...
Blessings to all
P.S. My strategies are not necessarily reccommended for anyone...but wanted to share them with hope of some feedback or support

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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