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Dr, are you sure?

13 years 3 weeks ago #3558 by Patricia
Rosemary who is Dr. Weil? OMG i just started a regimen of Walnuts because in Greece they have no cholesterol problems and they believe its because thats a staple...a handful a day...about 8 whole ones. It helps carry the fat out of the intestine and raises HDL. Now these come from my brothers walnut trees in N.California so maybe the fungus hasn't gotten to them yet ?...Geez........So now my cholesterol is down and i'm eating carcinogens!!! Heck i quit the spinach....and a couple of weeks ago it was the the ecoli for bladder cancer?.....I read something a long time ago about Flagyl an antibiotic connected with cancer. There are a lot of drugs on the market which doctors give which are really last resort drugs that are known to cause cancer later in life. I grew up in a Pharmaceutical family and the stories i could tell you there!...Doctors only have to take a 6 week course in Pharmacy.....Pharmacists take 6 yrs to get their degree or at least they did when my father became a pharmacist. So guess how really knowledgable they really are about drugs and interactions.....! And now they're saying homocystenes play the real role in heart disease....... Anyway i wonder if truckers because they sit for long periods of time and need to make time to make money don't hit the bathrooms as often as they should? I know i was in a job where the phones rang constantly and i was running the show and lord help me if i took a potty break!! I'm not giving up my peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!

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13 years 3 weeks ago #3557 by Mike
Well Rosemary I have this feeling I am not going to be that lucky but pathology did not come back yet but Dr. Wein did mention he thought it could have reached the lining or muscle by now. And Patricia everything you said there you hit the nail on the head I had most of them same thoughts. I love to see the day when they could use the word cure more and not always mentioning the cause. I for one did live like an angel does that mean I have to get cancer. And through the years I have heard of some of the craziest things they said could cause cancer. I still think alot of illnesses are caused by a gene thing and we are all made up different so you don't know what can trigger the disease unless you have that gene, just a thought on my part. Well God Bless, Joe

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13 years 3 weeks ago #3554 by Rosemary

;D  I was scared of everything for a while after diagnosis.  I had NO risk factors, and I just was really shocked and perplexed and looking for a reason for my cancer..  I have eaten peanut butter maybe once since diagnosis. ( Because I was hungry :o).  But, I raised my kids on peanut butter thinking that I was doing them a good thing.
I do like peanut butter cookies very much, and will release my iron resolve for the sake of a cookie.

This is from Ask Dr. Weil...

Q  Perplexed About Peanuts?
I enjoy peanuts, or used to before I read that they contain carcinogens. Is it unhealthy to eat peanut butter, too? A nutritionist told me that as long as peanuts are dry-roasted, they are free of the fungus that is a carcinogen.  
A  Answer (Published 10/22/2002)

Updated on 4/4/2005

The carcinogen you're referring to is aflatoxin, a natural toxin produced by certain strains of the mold Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus that grow on peanuts stored in warm, humid silos. Peanuts aren't the only affected crops. Aflatoxins have been found in pecans, pistachios and walnuts, as well as milk, grains, soybeans and spices. Aflatoxin is a potent carcinogen, known to cause liver cancer in laboratory animals and may contribute to liver cancer in Africa where peanuts are a dietary staple.

Best regards,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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13 years 3 weeks ago #3552 by Patricia
Not Peanut Butter!!!...Why.....i've eaten peanut butter since childhood...who hasn' i suppose it stands to reason that anyone whose ever eaten peanut butter is at risk for bladder cancer.......thats everybody! And my grandparents generation and my parents generation all lord did they smoke...and you never heard of ANY cancer of any kind..........Ok...what is it really?...How about all the antibiotics they put in feed or the pesticides so we can have pretty veggies...or the beautiful green lawns which only americans are obsessed with filled with pesticides.........or the dumping of chemicals into our water supplies yet assuring us that we only get a safe level of toxins !!!...huh....whats safe? I've seen too many clusters of cancer.. at the time my bladder cancer was diagnosed one of my friends diagnosed with breast cancer..another with colon cancer (38 yrs old at the time)..ex-husband with prostrate cancer...another friend with non-hodgkins lymphoma and my son with testicular ya think its the peanut butter?...........Pat

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13 years 3 weeks ago #3551 by Rosemary

Glad you bumped this thread up.  I haven't read this since posting it and it's interesting to see what I wrote a year ago.

About Essiac.  I do not know if Essiac is effective in the fight against cancer.  I have read the story of Essiac.  It has been around since the 1920's and a lot of claims have been made.  I do know from personal experience that Essiac is very good at keeping the bowel clean and moving things through the system with regularity. This can't be a bad thing for cancer sufferers.  In this respect alone, I would recommend taking the tea.  I still take it.  (It can be expensive, though, so I've learned to make my own concoction of it)

My tumor was large and mostly low stage (Ta) low-grade (G1).   There were high grade focal points found in the residual tumor (2nd TUR) which bumped me up to a T1 G3.  I was sent to Chapel Hill, NC to Dr. Raj Pruthi, to do a biopsy to screen for muscle invasion, but none was found.   I have not had a recurrance and it has been a year.  (So glad)  

I have read recently that my risks factors (none) make up 20% of all bladder cancers.  

I am wishing you all the best, Joe.  

Your friend,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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13 years 3 weeks ago #3549 by Mike
Well Rosemary I heard good things about Essiac and who knows maybe you might come across a new cancer remedy. Also when you posted about your tumor size being larger was it superficial or another stage which I don't think I caught. The only thing really bugging me is yes the Dr said it had been there for awhile long b4 any symtoms for me it just makes me wonder if it is in the lining or muscle as he thinks just how deep is it this just freaks me out. Well this week I should have pathology results backs so I guess I will finally know where I really stand. Something you need to know and spooked at the same time. God Bless, Joe

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