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11 years 2 months ago #24531 by GKLINE
Welcome to this site. I wish I had found it earlier. You are one of the lucky ones if you can keep your bladder. I guess it really is UNlucky if you need any kind of invasion of your body.
I just talked to a man who searched around for a doctor who would let him keep his bladder for a year. He went to 5 doctors, who all said, " We need to remove it". He finally found a Doctor who did the BCG and didn't recommend removal. Now, He is a year out and has just found out that it is Muscle invasive and Aggressive and he needs Chemo and surgery.
Please keep your doctor on top of this and be sure he is ahead of the game. I was diagnosed in June and had to robatic surgeries in July and bladder removal in August. At first my doctor said I would NOT lose my bladder, but he kept on top of it and quickly di what he had to do.
If they don't ever have to do anything other than robotic, then GREAT! But make sure they keep on top and aren't afraid to go to the next level.
Good Luck ( St Patricks day is one day away and may the luck pour on you) and keep us posted. You will always find great people here to lean on, even though they are purely cyber, they are great.

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11 years 2 months ago #24530 by Patricia
Hi Jon.......Dr. Lowe does a lot of prostate surgery.
Just for your information one of the top docs in bladder cancer is up in Portland......Dr. Daneshmand
Just another reference if you want a second opinion.

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11 years 2 months ago #24528 by jtroiano
I just wanted to say hi. I found out I have non invasive bladders cancer last oct. I had one tumor that they removed and then they were going to section my bladder because of a diverticulum. (sp?) When they went in they said it was all scared over, which was good. Went for my 3 month check up and they found one small one and when they went in to cut it out. THey found a total of 6 small tumors. All non aggresive and non invasive. I am going to start BCG April 2. My Doctor name is Bruce Lowe. He does a lot of robotic surgeries and he seems on top of his game. I had another Dr to start but he doesnt take bladders out. Dr Lowe has me on Vitamins also. Here is a link to youtube. He was going to use this to section my bladder. My first Dr was thinking I may loose my bladder. Dr Lowe said it wasn't going to happen.

Jon T

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