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Questions to ask post TURB?

11 years 10 months ago #16360 by tahoemom
So glad I read this. My doc said he expects a good outcome from what he has seen from my previously (not by him ) botched cystoscpy . The pathology report said lowgrade. Most likely will have a catheter he said.

You hang in there, dad should be fine and get a good report , Big hugs

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11 years 10 months ago #16357 by grampadonut
i agree with gerry..doc should be able to give you an "idea" of where you stand..make sure you have someone with you thats is good at "listening"
my doc told s/o that its hi-grade but not sure how far into..this gave us alittle hope that maybe , a big maybe ,that we can save bladder but only biospy will tell (next monday).
came home with no cath but think i should have..tough 2 nites and still have awful muscal calling doc in am
good luck to we've all said "waiting sucks "

dx t2-g3

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11 years 10 months ago #16353 by KALWASINSKI
Hello, Your Dad sounds like me last April.I was 56 when they removed my BC thru TURB.I was still in the Recovery Room when the Doctor spoke to my family. Depending on all your Dad's pre testing the Doctor should have an idea of what size the Tumor is and how deep it may have gone into the Bladder Wall.My Doctor told me before my TURB that the Bladder Wall looked smooth and that can be usually a good sign since there was no deep invasion. He removed a Low Grade Low Stage Tumor that was about 1 INCH in diameter and it was Cancer.This he told my family right after my surgery.My lab results confirmed this in about 4 days too. My Doctor has been doing this type of surgery since 1958 and I guess he gets a pretty good idea what a Cancer looks like from all his experience. I was sent home in about 3 hours and had a cather on for about 5 days that is not too long but is sure no fun either. I then had 6 weeks of BCG with Inferon A 2 HOURS of holding and rolling was the deal. My last couple check ups (Cystros)have been good and I'll be in for another soon.
I hope this helps you a little? Try to stay calm .As I said about my self at the time ,"If I can get off the beach I'll be tough to beat"(My Normandy saying) May God be with you and your Dad. Thumbs up. Jerry

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11 years 10 months ago #16351 by newbie08
Hi all,

My dad (age 54, never smoked!!) is having a TURB (or that's what I think it is from reading this website - we weren't given a name!!) on Tuesday! Just wondering, from people or relatives that have been through a TURB, what I can expect the doctor to tell me when he's finished and also what questions I should ask, from previous posts it seems that the patient is out of it when the doc comes around so I want to be prepared to ask all the right questions and get the most out of meeting the doc?

I know the doc can't predict what the biopsy will tell but do you think the doc has an idea of what he's dealing with after he's done the TURB? God, not knowing is the worst part, I'm so scared and worried since we've heard!!

Keep ye're fingers crossed for us!

This website is a blessing xx

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