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Mom's getting her diagnosis tonight-help!

11 years 10 months ago #14797 by thegrinningcat
Hi all,
my mom had her ct today and by the look of the physician's faces it must be something really bad. (or they are too taken in by her former cancer to hae more hope) She still keeps saying it's a stone or a blood clot.
She had heavy duty hematuria, nausea and I had to force her to the hospital or she would not have gone. She is very tired of being in that place because she had ovarian cancer in 2002 and had multiple surgery due to an arm fracture last year--it seems there is no end...

Lots of chemicals passing through her bladder, too...

The physician said they couldn't insert an instrument into her urinary tract during the first procedure is all we know now, but asked me to be around to night for the usual, they don't tell us much, as if they are scared we'l all get hysterical (I already had that when she wouldn't go to the hospital and i had to come here and make her go..she had all this blood and urine clogging her kidneys) and it just felt better to be well informed the last time she had cancer, and no they don't know everything herein Europe. She also took an medication--Avelox--that possibly set this of, and that even though a recent letter had been mailed to all MDs here warning them about fatal side effects.None of the physicians here were very interested in that.

Can you tell me about treatment options, so that I am prepared to tell her this is not necessarily a death sentence? How do people live with this?

I'll give up my job to take care of her, but how serious is it now--I'm scared she's got yet another emergency anytime I see her flinch and don't dare leave town again, in case. My Dad likes to play austrich and stick his head into the sand, if anything looks critical, so I am the one who has to think of bringing her "diarrhea-food", or make that night nurse close her window at night (it snowed here!!!) for what else is coming? She's got that kidney tube now and at least the nausea is gone.

She is so weak and exhausted from all the prior nausea ( this was misdiagnosed as a flue, then she bled secretly without telling me)and now she's got diarrhea...I'm also worried about her undergoing another chemo or even radiation. The last time we also beat it with special food and were really hopeful (so she got sloppy with the food) Having it come back ( or from all those chemicals last year, and a few emotional hits) is such a huge dissapointment for her.

Thank you for any input and advice, and kind regards to Patricia, whose post on wrong diagnosis I read, for bringing me here! I can't really check often because they've got no internet at home and can't use this pc for long hours to do research, so I would really appreciate people's advice or stories about your experience, of how you live with this.

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