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Ahh . . . Surgury done . . . now the wait . . .

11 years 2 months ago #24433 by calypso
Hello All:
Thanks so much for all the kind words. Had decent sleep Sunday night and yesterday Dr. Reese at Fairview said all looked good after the out-patient "look-see" as he calls it. He took biopsies, of course, so now will be the "WAIT-N-SEE". He is now calling the positive FISH a likely "false positive". Yeay! (But, I know his tendency to downplay things from the past.) But, I still am feeling positive.
This was my 4th cystoscopy. He also did bilateral retrograde pyelograms, bladder biopsy and fulguration, I believe.
I have issues with the anesthesiologists.
1st time he did great. I always have a spinal, because I feel that is the least stress on me and also I like to be awake.
2nd time, he gave me too much stuff "to make me calm and comfortable" that I didn't remember a thing or I was just out the whole time.
3rd time: same as #2 . . . grrrr . . . these anesthesiologists just agree with my wishes but have their own agendas.
This time, I let him know that previous anesthesiologists just have been ignoring me (I put it politely - he may even have been 1 of them). He followed my wishes. I think I was in and out some, but I got to see pics that the doc said were good and hear some of what was going on.
I remember also, that the anesthesiologist seemed to be having trouble getting the needle in right. Yesterday after the spinal wore off, I had nasty pain in the lower hips and radiating down the outside of my upper legs. This happended once before and anesthesiologist said that it happens sometimes with spinal and to take ibuprofin. I did both times and it worked for a while this time. I probably should have taken a second dose when it was time, but I didn't until it was really pretty nasty. Duh!
But today's a new day and I think it's all gone. I can live with a side-effect that just lasts a short time.
So now I wait on the results. I will be having my follow-up appointmet in 3 weeks; they like to wait and give results then. Thank-you very much, but I want them as soon as they are available. So, probably Friday, I'll call and ask to have them FAXED to me. I'm not loosing sleep over it - I just want to know now.
In the meantime, we're doing some fun stuff. We're doing some remodeling in the kitchen and bathroom. LOVE picking out granite and wood and door styles and knobs and handles, etc!
Got to get dressed and boogie out to the kitchen guy!

"You can't smooth out the surf, but you can learn to ride the waves."

- Author unknown [/b]

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