Staging and Grading

Bladder Cancer Staging, Grading, and Pathology

Unless you are a medical professional, a bladder cancer pathology report may look like a foreign language to most. But it will answer many questions on what treatment if any you will need going forward. Many people ask for a copy of their pathology report to keep in their treatment folder. What follows is intended, as a basic introduction to the subject, below you will find links to continued reading.

A doctor will take a sample of tissue they need information about that cannot be seen by the naked eye and sends it to the pathology department.

The pathologist will look at the tissue and issue a pathology report.

The pathology report is what guides your bladder cancer treatment.

It tells your medical treatment team what stage, grade, and type your cancer is.

Stage and grade are some of the most important things your pathology report will tell you.

There are several types of bladder cancer, and each has its own treatment path.

Stage tells if or how far into the bladder layers cancer has grown.

Grade tells how different the cancer cells look from normal cells.

If you have recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer, you may have a lot of many questions. Connect with others just like you on the American Bladder Cancer Society support forum.