Bladder Cancer 101

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The internet is a great place to find information.  It is also a place full of mis-information.  The American Bladder Cancer Society was founded by patients who, when newly diagnosed, desperately needed reliable information and found it difficult to find.  The links given in this web site have been curated to ascertain that they present data and information that are relevant and correct.  Please remember to share your discoveries with your physician who will be able to interpret them for you and help you apply your knowledge to your specific case.

Links & Forum

On this, and the following pages, are live links which will take you to detailed discussions of topics related to bladder cancer. These will help both the new and experienced patients as well as caregivers obtain useful information.

The American Bladder Cancer Society site also features a Forum where patients from newly diagnosed to those undergoing treatment, as well as caregivers, may post questions and observations and share experiences with others who have had similar experiences. 

Newly Diagnosed?

For someone who has either just been diagnosed with bladder cancer or who may be concerned about symptoms the place to begin is with the Newly Diagnosed link on this page. 

There is a plethora of information that may help explain the new terms that are being used (a Glossary of terms in included in the menus under the topic Facts.)  Other patients who are farther along in their treatment will also find topics related to their situation.

Relevant Categories in the Forum

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